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Hispanic Heritage Month Spotlight: Crystal Washington


In celebration of National Hispanic Heritage Month, we invited Douglas Elliman agents to share their experiences and talk about the role their heritage has played in their real estate career.

Crystal Washington, Texas Real Estate Agent

How do you prefer to identify yourself within the umbrella of “Hispanic Heritage”?

Puerto Rican

What aspects of your identity are most meaningful for you? Are there cultural traditions or historic moments or other elements that are a particular source of pride? 

What is most meaningful to me are the traditions passed on through generations, the food, music, culture and, most importantly, the respect for the family.

How did you find your path to success in real estate?

I got licensed to invest in real estate, and the business I have grown was an unexpected blessing.

What values or elements of your heritage do you draw strength from in your work as an agent? 

My mother and grandmother always taught me never to go into a home empty-handed; even if we didn’t have much, we always brought something. I take that into my listing appointments and always come with something in hand: a bottle of wine, local donuts, whatever is on the way!

What impact, if any, has your identity had on your experience in the real estate industry? Are there specific moments or episodes from over the years that illustrate that experience?

Austin is changing a lot, and I am proud to be a part of the representation in the real estate industry. My passion is educating my clients on real estate’s wealth-building opportunities. I want to encourage more Latinos and Hispanics to buy into their community and own a piece of their neighborhood.

What would you like your industry colleagues to understand about your experience and what can they do to be better allies of your community? 

There can be an elitist mindset in real estate; not many top-producing agents or developers are open to new talent. The truth is there is more than enough business to go around, and there is always room for another dish on the table.

How do you think brokerages like Douglas Elliman can help foster greater diversity in the industry? 

Mentorship is key! Very few brokerages make their executives and leaders available.

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