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Are There Free Skip Tracing Tools for Real Estate?


Skip tracing costs vary quite a bit between service providers, usually based on how many searches you conduct, how many records you pull, or the type and depth of the information you want to access. Here’s a high-level look at a few popular skip tracing real estate services and their pricing.



Again, reminiscent of sci-fi, right?

TLOxp is a comprehensive investigative tool powered by TransUnion, one of the big 3 credit bureaus, which maintains a database of information on around 200 million consumers and 65,000 businesses in the U.S. You can start with a free trial, and tiered subscription plans start at around $75 per month and go up from there, depending on the volume of searches and the data you want to gather



PropStream is a real estate data and analytics platform that includes skip tracing services. The tool provides property details, owner information, and various filters to help real estate investors find potential leads. You can start with Propstream’s free trial to try out their skip tracing platform. Subscription pricing starts at $99 per month for basic access and varies based on the plan you choose and the features you need.



Here’s a name I haven’t thought about since doing research in the college library waaaaay back when! A well-established source of public records and information, LexisNexis provides data solutions including skip tracing services for real estate. They build custom pricing plans based on the scale of your usage and the type of data you require, so your best bet is to contact them for a quote.



REIPro is a real estate investment software that also offers skip tracing services to help investors find property owners. In addition to skip tracing services, the platform offers lead generation and CRM solutions, property research tools, contract management, and many other features designed for real estate investors. Its standard plan costs $109 per month but pricing varies by the plan you choose and the level of access you need to the platform’s tools and features.



This service allows you to submit a list of names or addresses for skip tracing, and they provide you with updated contact information. Prices vary based on the number of leads you submit and the quality and granularity of data you want; its website promotes rates as low as $0.20 per result. Other similar batch skip tracing services offer pricing packages that range from a few cents per lead to a fixed cost based on the size of your batch.


Skip Genie

This popular skip tracing software specializes in helping real estate investors connect to sellers and uncover lucrative real estate opportunities by locating owners of vacant homes or distressed properties. Skip Genie costs $58 per month for up to 100 searches and a small fee for additional searches. Although it doesn’t include fancy bells and whistles, it’s well suited for basic skip tracing and earns positive reviews from its users for its accuracy and customer service.



The relative newcomer of the bunch, this AI-powered consumer intelligence platform combines public records with demographic, behavioral, and purchasing data from thousands of sources. IDI data is incredibly in-depth and can reveal unseen patterns to a sophisticated enough user—great for building marketing campaigns. You can sign up for a free trial (5 days or 50 searches), after which you must sign up for an annual membership. It ends up costing around $0.50–$1.00 per search depending on the plan you choose.


Final Thoughts

Skip tracing is not just for debt collectors, law enforcement, and cyberpunk space travelers!

While a valuable tool for real estate investors, make sure you use these tools responsibly and ethically. You should familiarize yourself with the basics of the privacy laws and regulations pertaining to gathering and using personal information in your state or country. And always respect a request not to be contacted again or to be removed from a contact list, because failing to honor such a request can cost you a stiff fine.

You can unearth a lot of contact info through a skip trace, but it’s not a guaranteed method for finding accurate, complete, and up-to-date information. The quality of the data available through skip tracing tools can vary, especially among free resources with no active moderators. It will come as a surprise to noone: Just because you found it on the internet doesn’t mean it’s true!

You can combat this challenge by cross-referencing the information across multiple sources, and independently verifying contact information obtained from skip tracing tools whenever possible.


What free skip tracing tools have you used? What about premium skip tracing services? Any other skip tracing tips or experiences you can share?



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