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Auto-dialers have the power to triple the output of a real estate agent’s cold-calling outreach and get them in front of leads before the rest of the pack. I should know—I’ve tried them all, and I can tell you from personal experience that Mojo Dialer is one of the best on the market.

But is Mojo Dialer right for you? In this review I will tell you exactly why Mojo has worked so well for my business over the years so you can make up your own mind. 

The Close Score

Mojo Dialer Scorecard


  • Triple-line dialer
  • A la carte pricing
  • Lead management tools
  • Easy Integration with most industry software and CRMs
  • Call recording and analytics


  • No free trial period
  • Low data quality
  • Additional cost for each team member
  • Poor customer support
  • Glitchy
  • Need high-speed internet for triple line

What Is Mojo Dialer? 

Mojo Dialer is an outbound phone dialer for real estate agents who want to maximize their cold call prospecting results quickly and efficiently. It utilizes a triple-line dialer and lead management tools to increase the overall success of this tried-and-true business generation strategy.  

My first experience with Mojo was in 2013 when I was utilizing the dialer for circle prospecting. After much success, I recommended the platform to several of my coaching and training clients who were looking to increase their own business with outbound prospecting. Using Mojo Dialer, I was able to customize best practices for their efficiency and organization of leads for easy follow-up. 

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My Verdict on Mojo Dialer

I chose Mojo Dialer within my own personal real estate business because of price and ease of use. There are lots of considerations with several variables, including data, pricing, and integrations. 

With a buffet of options for outbound prospecting, why choose Mojo? I can say it in three words: triple. line. dialer. Of course, the most obvious benefit to this is the ability to call multiple numbers at the same time, increasing the number of dials per session. However, this feature comes with some caveats that I’ll discuss further in the key features section below. Although it is more efficient, there are some unavoidable consequences that increase the opportunity for blocked numbers, hence decreasing your ability to connect with more people. 

But my recommendations don’t stop there. The real benefit is how easy Mojo is to integrate with other lead generation software. Every business needs several sources of revenue to be successful. Since Mojo is a one-stop dialer, it gives agents the ability to incorporate several other sources of lead generation into their dashboard. 

I also appreciate the ease of organizing multiple lead sources into groups so no lead is left behind. We all know that follow-up made easy is key to conversion and closing. Mojo has the ability to bring together all platforms into one central dashboard. Housing all contacts in one central database not only allows you to more easily scale your business, but to only train on one platform within a team or brokerage. However, I will caution that you’ll need to understand the best practices around properly setting it up for maximum efficiency. 

Finally, flexibility is worth a mention here. There are a lot of lead generation and conversion tools out there, but many are cost-prohibitive for new agents. In contrast, Mojo is the first platform I’d recommend to an agent looking to break into outbound calling. You can test the waters with a la carte pricing and choose one leg of prospecting to focus on instead of jumping all in with a full-featured service software such as Vulcan.

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Mojo Dialer Pricing for 2023

I am obsessed with the buffet pricing structure Mojo Dialer offers. It truly gives you multiple options. What is even more impressive is if you think you receive better data from another source, they make it easy to integrate it. You don’t have to purchase Mojo’s packages for multiple lead types. They really have positioned themselves to work with other companies, although it may seem like it’s competition. 

I find Mojo to be very competitive with other auto-dialers on the market. Comparing it to the price of Vulcan7 is a little difficult because they only have an all-inclusive option. But by the time you add on the a la carte prices from Mojo, you are about even. 

It is important to determine the size of your market and the location of leads you want to access. Mojo lead types are by county only; if you need multiple counties, the price could certainly increase substantially. But if you are lucky enough to live and market one county, you are set! 

Mojo Dialer Lead Pricing for 2023

Lead Type Pricing per Month
Neighborhood search $49
FRBO $25 per county
Expired $50 per county
FSBO $25 per county
Skip tracer $49 per county
Pre-foreclosure $49 per county

Mojo Dialer Software Pricing for 2023

Dialer Pricing per Month What’s Included
Single-line dialer $99 per month Dialer, answering machine messages, multiple caller ID broadcast
Triple-line dialer $149 per month Two additional dialing lines

Key Standout Features

Mojo Dialer is well known for making outbound calls and utilizing a dialer that offers a single, double, and triple line within a customer relationship manager (CRM). However, there are many more features than just the dialer. Call recording, analytics, voicemail drops, SMS text messaging, email templates, and the ability to print branded content are just a few of the important features to evaluate. 

Auto-dialer (5 out of 5)

When it comes to comparing the cost of the dialer, the real question becomes, what lead source are you going to use it for, and how many calls are you planning to make? This can really help your decision in regard to narrowing down your choices. If you are new to prospecting and not sure if you will stick with it, go with the cheaper option first and graduate yourself as you ease into a new habit and make it worth your return on investment. 

The strategy I like to use with the dialer is every other call attempt. I start my first dial to the leads with the single-line dialer. I like to have control of knowing if it is a bad number that I can eliminate out of the call list altogether. But when you use the triple line, you don’t hear ringing, so you don’t know if you’re getting through at all. After you have cleaned up the list, the next time through you can choose the triple line.

?   Pro Tip

Did you know third-party dialers cannot detect all disconnected and bad numbers? If they are not eliminated, I am dialing at least 30% more numbers than I need to. That translates into wasted time spent on dials that will never connect.

The Triple-line Dialer

I have a love-hate relationship with the triple line. Yes, it is awesome to maximize the number of dials you can make within a short amount of time. The industry has always trained increasing your number of dials because that is the easiest way to track success: X amount of dials means X amount of conversations, and that leads to X amount of conversion. 

I get it, and I am all about scaling. However, I am more excited about improving results. Hey, if you feel like you are doing more with the triple-dialer, then go for it. Hopefully, you will challenge this and prove me wrong. 

Even though the triple-dialer is a head-turning option, I suggest the single-line dialer to most of my coaching clients. Even though you can mass dial, I have tested both ways and found time and again that I get more contacts with the single line. The triple will hang up on the other lines when one line connects and does not redial that number it hung up on when it starts back up. Dialing one at a time gives me more control of verifying bad numbers and getting rid of them instead of just ringing everyone all the time. Remember it is not about how many dials you execute—it is about how many conversations you have. 

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Another disclosure: I never use triple-dialer on buyer leads. Here is why: When you are dialing three at the same time and someone picks up, it disconnects the other two. When you reactivate the dialer, it picks up those two that were dropped. So if someone picks up, it will disconnect them a third time. You are just asking to be blocked. 

That said, if you are dead set on the triple, please test it yourself. I have used multiple systems and dialers in several areas within the U.S., and I can tell you that every area is different when it comes to platform quality. 

Integrations (5 out of 5)

The feature where Mojo really shines is with its seamless integration with almost any other lead generator and CRM. I touched on the importance of this earlier. Think of having all of your data housed in one place as the convenience of one-stop shopping. You are not running to multiple stores for several items. If you are lucky enough to have experienced shopping at Buc-ees, the third largest convenience store in the world, you know exactly what I am talking about. It’s the only gas station that has grocery carts—now that is efficient! 

Imagine your database like a shopping experience. Your lead types are the different departments within a store. You have the ability to combine all of your buyer leads, your sphere of influence, seller leads, open house run-ins, and door knocking contacts into groups that allow you to quickly make the calls you want to focus on in any given session. Bonus: You are only training on one system and all of your metrics will tell you what is happening with calls and connections. 

Lead Manager CRM (5 out of 5)

Let’s talk CRMs. Anyone who knows me knows I have a strange passion for organizing databases to increase value in business, especially in the service industry. A CRM is all you truly have of value, and it should be considered one of your most precious assets. In regard to Mojo, hands-down the CRM is a 5 for me. Mojo exceeds in the CRM value department. 

When I look at a CRM, I want to know a few things:

  1. Can I filter my leads with certain criteria (e.g.: lead source, valid phone number, registration date, tags)?
  2. Is there an ability once leads are filtered to mass dial, text, and email them? 
  3. Can I quickly get to my highest-priority tasks and create a group instead of going through them one by one?  

Mojo provides all the goods when it comes to efficiently communicating with your database. Let’s not leave out the magic of Zapier! You can create workflows, connect to anything in the Google Workspace, and access a virtually unlimited number of popular apps. Please, when looking at the competitors such as REDX, Vulcan7, and Espresso Agent, take strong consideration to the CRM portion and how you can connect long term for successful nurture campaigns within your database. 

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Organizational Tools

Your calling lists should be set up based on source: expired, FSBO, commercial, circle prospecting, buyers, etc. You can create folders within the call lists to break down leads into buckets of priority to continue your dials. While most agents make one attempt and keep rolling with new leads, the real conversion happens with consistency. You can filter your folders for leads to automatically fall in within a specific time frame or even with so many call attempts. This makes calling back as easy as a click of a button! 

Groups are best utilized to keep your leads organized after a conversation. Is it a task or a situation? A situation is the reason why they need, will need, or will not need assistance. Some examples of this include refinancing, relocating, first-time homebuyer, and no longer selling. Check out my entire master list of tags and labels here. This is basically taking your inventory and creating the aisles and labels on the shelves within the aisles of your one-stop lead shop. Now you have a quick and easy way to access all leads in a certain situation, without having to look through notes. And that’s not to mention the value you have added to your database. 

Mobile App (4 out of 5)

I don’t know any salesperson who enjoys being tied to a computer. That’s why every agent wants an app so they can keep working wherever they are. Mojo On The Go allows for just what it says: on-the-go prospecting. The best feature of the app is for leads calling back. It will identify their phone number to take the guesswork out of who is calling. 

Do you want to take max advantage of this feature and have your phone ring with inbound leads? Listen up: You have the power to create curiosity that has leads picking up the phone to call you back. Here is the simple equation: 23 seconds or the four-ring rule. Before I tell you what this means, though, I want you to understand the human instincts behind it. 

Let’s face it: In 2023, everyone has their phone in their hands most of the time. The phone rings, and that person has the ability to quickly push that button to send the caller to voicemail. They don’t recognize a number and defer it. I’m sure most of you are guilty of the same! Now let’s flip that and the phone rings and it disconnects before the lead has a chance to send it voicemail, removing their power. Now they are curious, because they wanted the choice to reject it. Interesting, right? Boom: your call back—their curiosity is greater than not wanting to have a conversation. Is every lead going to call back? Of course not. But your chances are much higher. Try it and let me know your results.

Now don’t miss your opportunity when they call back and say, “I missed a call from this number” or “Did you just try to call me?” Here is your easy converting script:

Well, if I like it so much, why did I not give this a 5, you may be wondering? When third parties are dependent on technology, it is never perfect. Cell phone carriers all have different ways of showing data when it comes to the caller ID information. Some may show the name of the owner of the account and not the actual individual’s name with the phone number calling back. The number will be correct, but the rest of the data is not 100% accurate all the time. You just need to be aware not to assume that what is on caller ID is a fact. 

Package Flexibility (5 out of 5)

You may be thinking: How is pricing a feature? Well let me ask you this: Who isn’t looking for the best price on anything? When we start the discovery process, we start by looking at the most affordable and become educated as we compare. Since Mojo Dialer offers the ability to integrate with so many other platforms, they attract just about any agent who wants to power dial, whether they take advantage of the different sources or not. 

In my opinion, Mojo is the best place to start if you are new to dialing. Just choose one lead source at a time until you find your groove. Study your market and understand what the expired listings are like locally, or how many FSBOs there really are in your area. Every market has a season and knowing your market before making decisions like this is key. If there aren’t many expireds, you may choose to go back to older data from one to two years ago that haven’t sold. 

Every market is different when it comes to lead quality and what system is best where. Determine what is most important to you and take advantage of the a la carte flexibility to get what your business and market really need. 

Mojo Dialer Alternatives 

Here’s a quick breakdown of how Mojo’s pricing compares to the competition:

Company Single-line Price Triple-line Price
Mojo Dialer $99 $149
REDX $99 $149
Vulcan7 $349+ N/A


As you can see, there’s no real price difference between REDX and Mojo Dialer. However, Mojo is more of an all-in-one price. With REDX, you’ll have to pay extra for the ability to upload voicemails, call recordings and call-back messages. You get almost all of that with either option within Mojo. However, they do charge a minimal extra add-on fee for call recording.

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I will say that, with Mojo, the easy-to-use platform eliminates the intensity for full training to get started. REDX is not as user-friendly. However, REDX does have a cheaper option with no bells and whistles and limited talk time.

Check Out REDX


If a triple-line dialer is important to you, then stay with Mojo or REDX, because you don’t have that option with Vulcan7. Vulcan7 is definitely of the highest quality, but you are also going to pay for that quality in a bulk package. Across the industry, they are known for having better lead data. 

But similar to REDX, Vulcan7 can be pretty complex. I have seen many agents sign up for products like this with great intentions—but the learning curve is too great. It just accumulates charges on the credit card and is left, never to be used before getting canceled. 

Check Out Vulcan7

The choice really comes down to preference—what is most appealing to you from the look and ease of calling your leads. What feels right? Absolutely do demos with as many providers as you can. You will see that your eyes will gravitate to a certain view that feels comfortable. If you are price sensitive and know you won’t take advantage of a full package, there is definitely more bang for the buck with Mojo.

Bottom Line: Is Mojo Dialer Worth the Money? 

Yes! I think Mojo offers the best combination of dialer options, pricing tiers, and most of all, the convenient integration to have an all-in-one platform for maximum lead generation and follow-up. 

But as the saying goes, “The product with the best value is the one you use.” It is up to you as the consumer to know your own best practices and how you want to grow your business. It is important to know your goals to create new habits and take advantage of the benefits that any platform offers. If you are committed to making it work for you, it is absolutely worth its weight in gold. But if you are making a decision without a goal and a plan, you might want to ask yourself first, “What is the plan? Am I willing to commit? What do I want to get out of this purchase?” 

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Methodology: Why You Can Trust My Review

I have made hundreds of thousands of calls in my 15 years of nurturing leads. I’ve also used just about every dialer and CRM in the real estate industry. I not only cultivated and sourced my own leads—I worked with thousands of agents within their databases, calling their leads and training them to improve their conversion. 

Now, 15 years ago, just about everyone answered the phone, and people were not worn out from the constant buzzing and beeping of our lives. Fast forward to today, where artificial intelligence has automated our lives. It has really changed the prospecting game and made it much more difficult to get people to answer the phone. But auto-dialers can still pay off if you know what you’re doing. I see it in my business and via my coaching clients all the time. 

To evaluate Mojo, I used my 18 years of personal experience in real estate and generating leads from multiple sources. I have been able to experience calling leads across the United States as well as Canada. Experiencing the many different options of CRMs and dialers certainly gave me a broad perspective of efficiency and ease of use for them all. 

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Over to You

What’s your experience with auto-dialers? Any tips for success, or tough issues I can talk you through? Let me know in the comment section below!


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