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7 Proven Real Estate Cold Calling Scripts for Fearless Lead Gen


Cold calling is one of the most polarizing lead generation strategies in the real estate industry. Experienced agents will tell you it’s an essential part of lead generation, while others argue it isn’t worth the anxiety or frustration. But we believe that, with the right preparation, cold calling can transform your real estate business. 

Because we know firsthand that cold calling can lead to success, we put together this step-by-step guide of tried-and-tested scripts, tips for leveling up, plus videos from real estate experts with industry insider secrets. Remember, cold calling works in real estate because consumers need your help. You’re serving your community by offering your experience, education, and knowledge.

Cold Calling Strategies

Real estate cold calling requires so much more than picking up the phone and dialing a random number. If you want to really excel at cold calling as a lead generation strategy, here are the skills you need to have dialed in:

  • Set goals: Begin with bite-sized, complementary objectives that create opportunities. One example of this is introducing yourself in person to one new prospect each week and spending one hour per day cold calling.
  • Follow up with face time: A handshake can turn into a closed sale, so try to turn each call into a face-to-face meeting, even if it’s just for a minute or two.
  • Spend more time listening: The more attention you pay to your prospects’ needs, the better you can address their pain points. 
  • Prepare: Get comfortable with your scripts by practicing them out loud with a friend or colleague. That way, you’re focusing on what they’re saying, not your script.
  • Let go of your fears: If you’re afraid of the word “no,” you aren’t going to get very far. Stay on message and be ready to handle typical objections. 
  • Get in the zone: Make sure you are focused, have space to walk around, and maybe do some stretches to be limber and keep that mind sharp. 
  • Consider your toolbox: It’s helpful to have an auto-dialer to keep you efficient. You might consider a company like REDX, which also provides up-to-date FSBO and expired listing contact lists.

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7 Proven Cold Calling Scripts for Lead Generation

1. Expired Real Estate Listing Cold Calling Script

Cold calling expired listings can be tricky because you know that the homeowner is going to get hit with calls from multiple real estate agents, maybe even that same day. Stand out from the competition with this script from REDX called The Neighborhood Expert:

Why It Works

In this script, the agent isn’t pretending that they’re the only game in town. They openly acknowledge their competition, which provides a fantastic opportunity to then say, “but I know the neighborhood, and here’s why I’m uniquely qualified to represent you.” 

Love to Hear It 

Extra points for using a specific day and time to set up an in-person meeting.

2. Basic FSBO Cold Calling Script

Many real estate agents consider the FSBO prospect to be a perfect lead for cold calling. The owners have already announced to the world that they want to sell—all you have to do is convince them they need your help. David Hill’s excellent script helps you navigate a seller’s concern about saving money.  

(We’ve added some mock responses to this script so you can practice hearing “no” and learn how to overcome those initial rejections to get a listing appointment.)

Why It Works 

This is a great script for an FSBO because it’s direct. The agent isn’t afraid to ask why they aren’t using a professional. And for every reason, this agent has an answer. The object here is to get in front of the seller, and this agent does that by thoughtfully addressing each of their concerns. 

Love to Hear It 

Note that there’s no haggling over the commission. Try to refrain from making any commitments regarding numbers. Instead, be sure that you hear and understand the prospect’s wishes and concerns. You can always say, “I’m making a note of that…,” which shows that you’re listening but you’re not making any promises.

3. Advanced FSBO Script: The Diagnostic

We really like this thorough script from AgentFire, which keeps the conversation going with plenty of questions. You’ll be able to identify the seller’s pain points by listening to their answers, and then address how you will solve them.

Why It Works 

As with the Basic FSBO script, the agent’s goal is an in-person appointment. In this script, the seller feels heard because the agent asks thoughtful questions and validates their concerns, while still offering a solution. This script is sure to set the tone for a great in-person conversation. 

Love to Hear It

“I have a few buyers who might be interested in your property” is genius because it gets your foot in the door. Anyone who’s ever sold a house knows that this is music to a seller’s ears!

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4. Circle Prospecting Cold Calling Script

Circle prospecting is a great way to increase your exposure in neighborhoods where you’re already active. Deploy this circle prospecting script from the indelible Ricky Carruth to go after homes in neighborhoods where you’re the listing agent.

Why It Works

The great Ricky Carruth knows that not every cold call is going to end in a listing or even an in-person meeting. But this cold call is successful if he can get an email address. Put that email into an email marketing drip campaign, and with some top-notch lead nurturing, you might just be their new agent. 

Love to Hear It 

Ricky’s script is really a lesson in low-key, easy-flowing chatter. Be sure to check out his video below—he’s one of the best at light, easy conversations that feel non-salesy and non-threatening. He’s a cold caller who starts out as a stranger and ends up a friend (and probably even an agent!).

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Circle prospecting definitely works, but imagine if you had a list of potential homebuyers in your target area who have already indicated an interest in selling or buying. One of our favorite predictive analytics companies, Offrs, uses thousands of data points to assess who in a given area is most likely to be a great lead. In fact, they tell us they accurately predicted 70% of homesellers last year. Those are the people who you want to spend time cold calling!

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5. Open House Invitation Cold Calling Script

Here Kevin Ward leverages all of the work that goes into hosting an open house by using it as a reason to cold call and extend personal invitations. It becomes extra effective when you customize it to your unique situation.

Why It Works 

This is another opportunity to get in front of people. If you personally invite someone to come to an open house, not only are you meeting them in person, but they are getting to see you in your element, doing what you do best—selling real estate! 

Love to Hear It 

We appreciate the enthusiasm that Kevin sprinkles in throughout—this script serves as a good reminder to be upbeat, friendly, and positive! Of course, people on the other end of the phone can pick up on fake, salesy telemarketer friendliness instantly, so make sure you’re being your authentic self.

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6. Script Responding to an Online Buyer Query

If your marketing, website, and landing pages are doing their job, you should have leads filling in their information to get home valuations, property listings, and valuable free content. Now that you have this contact information, what do you do with it? This script from Fit Small Business is the perfect way to introduce yourself to buyer prospects and start what is sure to be a profitable conversation.

Why It Works

This script is professional, helpful, and concise. If someone is starting their homebuying journey, they are going to appreciate this agent’s communication style. While it’s not a true cold call, since the lead has already made the first move, treating it like any other cold call will set you up for success for cold and warm leads.

Love to Hear It

We love that the agent has confirmed that the potential homebuyer did fill out the online form. This further qualifies a lead and is a way to show that the agent respects a lead’s time and wishes. It’s basically getting permission from the lead to make a pitch.

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7. Real Estate Cold Calling Voicemail Script

According to Pipedrive, 80% of calls go to voicemail, which means leaving the right message needs to be an important part of your real estate cold calling strategy.

Why It Works 

This is a great option for real estate agents who are new to cold calling. Some strategists argue that a voicemail is a great way to turn a completely cold call into a lukewarm call. 

Love to Hear It 

These are both short and sweet. The perfect voicemail is between eight and 14 seconds long, but definitely less than 30 seconds. It establishes who you are and why you’re calling in a warm and friendly tone. But it doesn’t include your pitch—the goal is to secure that next conversation when they call back or you make a follow-up call.

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If you want to skip the (sometimes chilly) cold call altogether and dial straight into a warm voicemail, there are companies that help you do that. The absolute leader in the field is Slydial, which allows you to dial directly into a phone number’s voicemail. These ringless voicemails are becoming more common and socially acceptable, so don’t shy away from using them. You can even acknowledge it by saying something like, “I know you’re busy, so I wanted to be respectful of your time and just drop a quick voicemail.”

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Tips for Leveling Up Your Cold Calling 

Now that you’re armed with these pro-level scripts, let’s dive into some more specific advice to master the art of cold calling for lead generation.

The Experts Reveal Their Cold Calling Secrets

YouTube is chock-full of videos from real estate agents who are crushing the cold calling game. Whether you’re hoping to learn how to interact with prospects or just need to get hyped up for your next session, these videos are a great source of inspiration. Here are five of our favorites:

Chastin J. Miles shows us how it’s done with an FSBO prospect. We love how Chastin takes the act of listening to the next level rather than doing all the talking. You can see how effective his approach is with his soon-to-be client.

Our own real estate coach, Beverly Ruffner, put together several live examples of cold calls and offers her best cold calling tip: Treat everyone you’re calling like they’re your best friend.

Here’s one where Ricky Carruth coaches agent Emily Wood as she attempts cold calling for the first time. This one is a 50-minute time commitment, but it’s valuable to watch someone starting out and see how she improves and gains confidence.

Loida Velasquez speaks honestly about how nerve-wracking it is to get started and offers her tips for first-time real estate cold calling. She has several additional videos on calling expired listings and FSBOs, including one where she critiques her first FSBO cold call.

Bryan Casella uses proven scripts and handles objections deftly and confidently.

Want to get all the scripts listed above in one handy package? Click the button below for the PDF version.

Bringing It All Together

If you’ve questioned if cold calling is right for you or you’re looking for the tools you need to get started, try out these seven proven real estate cold calling scripts. With our scripts and some consistency and determination, you have the power to make cold calling a crucial part of your lead generation strategy.

Have any real estate cold calling questions or tips you’d like to share? Anything we missed? Leave us a comment below!


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