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15 Spring + Easter Ideas to Grow Your Real Estate Business


Have you looked at your 2023 calendar recently? Easter is super early this year, which means it’s already time to bust out your “Happy real estate season!” smile and get those spring promotions rolled out. 

What’s that? You haven’t already put together your marketing plan for the busiest time of the real estate year? Well, have no fear! I’m here with some sweet spring and Easter promotions to help your business bloom.

And hey, to keep you focused on your marketing strategy throughout the entire year, we created this super-helpful real estate marketing calendar and holiday guide, complete with Canva templates and done-for-you social media posts. Go grab your copy so you can catch up and be ready for the rest of the year.

Now check out my list of 15 real estate spring promotions to help your business thrive.

1. Send ‘Peeps’ Cards to Your Farm

I am so in love with these adorable “Peeps” cards. They’re double-sided and come with envelopes. They’re kind of Easter, but not really, so they will work for just about anyone. And I love them so much, I already have plans to customize some for my own business, buy out as many packages of those famous yellow marshmallow treats as I can, and hand them out as gifts to people, including for pop-bys. Cue the referrals and investment phone calls!

2. Spring Market Updates – Real Estate Is Hoppin!

It’s warming up, and you know what that means—your neighbors will be popping their groundhog heads up to take a peek at the real estate barometer. Will there be six more weeks of real estate winter? It’s time to break out the market updates to show your little darlings that spring has sprung on the market. 

These gorgeous market update Canva templates from Coffee & Contract are sassy enough to make you want to do market research. Everyone is on their phones today so send out these mobile-friendly lovelies to your friends, family, sphere of influence, and anyone else in your contacts list. You’ll look like the certified pro you are!

Double your reach by creating stunning postcards to send out to your neighbors or your farm. Try the show-stopping, easy-to-customize postcard templates from Coffee & Contracts—they’re beautiful and professional.

Check out Coffee & Contracts

3. Vendor Spotlight

Local business owner in his shop

It’s never a bad idea to show some love to your local business owners. Some of them may end up becoming your biggest cheerleaders and sources of referrals. Choose a business that makes sense for the spring—like a wedding cake bakery, chocolatier, a children’s clothing shop, or even a local resource for Easter egg decorating kits—you get the idea.

Feature them in a small write-up, some social media posts, or even just a pic of you in the shop and your blurb on your social media touting their awesomeness. Your community will take notice while the business owner gushes and sings your praises.

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4. Easter Egg Hunt + Family Day

Happy children finding eggs in an Easter egg hunt

I’ve mentioned organizing events for your community in previous posts. Spring is the perfect time to get everyone outside for some family fun. My brokerage puts on a picnic day in the spring, complete with live music, food, games, and, of course, activities for the kiddos (like an eggstravaganza Easter egg hunt ?). 

We host our picnic in a community center with an outdoor facility. But you can host your event in a public park, a private golf course, an outdoor pavilion, or anywhere with the capacity to hold a giant outdoor event. These experiences are so much fun. They get people outside for some vitamin D and keep everyone talking about the event and you!

5. ‘What You Can Get for’ Posts

If you haven’t seen any of these types of posts on your social media feed, you haven’t been on social much. They’re popping up everywhere. The idea is to show the exterior and interior of a home at a price point with the caption, “What you can get for $400,000 in Denver,” for example. It’s really a walk-through, done in less than 60 seconds, with the added twist. 

We’re coming into the peak real estate season and curiosity about the market is climbing. These little vertical videos are a great way to showcase your listing and generate interest from buyers.

6. Seller’s Checklist – Get Ready to List!

Spring is the perfect time to do some deep cleaning and annual maintenance around the home. And for those who may have selling on their minds, it could be the first step in the process. Get those potential sellers off on the right foot by delivering these gorgeous and practical door hanger spring checklists. 

Elegant local events calendar template
Source: Coffee & Contracts

Spring is typically the time of year when communities begin putting on more outdoor events. Whether it’s Easter, Passover, or prom, there are bound to be some fun experiences happening in your town, so put them together on a gorgeous calendar you can send out. 

If you want to get super fancy, create a magnet with events for the next three months that you can hand out in gift baskets, while you’re door-knocking, or at your next open house. Most people will value an events calendar and put it up where it can be seen regularly. Magnets will certainly live on the fridge in plain view for the next few months, reminding homeowners that you’re the cool real estate professional in this neighborhood.

Agent Crate has stunning templates that you can customize to fit your brand and easily send to social outlets, emails, or download and print to send out to your farm. Check out their easy-to-use templates for all things real estate.

Check out Agent Crate

8. FAQ Posts

Answer real estate questions from your buyers and sellers with a video shot from your phone.

With an uptick in the temperatures, questions about real estate will resurface. Grab some beautiful templates and start answering those questions you get most often from your buyers and sellers. Create individual posts that answer just one question at a time. You can create several posts that you can stretch out over the course of the next few days or weeks, offering tips and advice for potential homebuyers and sellers. 

Pro tip: Batch your content! Create several posts at one time and have them ready to post over the course of the next few weeks. Batching actually saves you time and helps you maintain consistency. 

Wanna really boost these posts? Answer the questions in a vertical video, looking directly into the camera lens. You can easily record these with your phone and add text overlays inside the platform you’re posting to.

9. Turn Your Open House Into a Block Party

Happy neighbors gathering together around food and fun

Hire a DJ, invite all the neighbors, and consider hiring a taco truck to fill your street with food, fun, and real estate! Invite everyone to come inside to check out the house, leave some feedback, and then join the party! You might need to keep your listing open for longer than the customary two-hour window, but if everyone’s having a great time and discussing their future real estate ventures with you, it might be worth it.

Granted, some of you Yankees might have to wait until well after Easter for the weather to be right to try this one out. But here in Florida, I’m actually planning to do this with my own personal listing in April. I’ll keep you posted on how it turns out. I love the idea of bringing happy people together in a relaxed atmosphere while still gathering important intel on my listing.

10. Host a Scavenger Hunt Contest

A group of people coming together for a scavenger hunt

I love a good scavenger hunt! Create a set of items that your participants will need to find. You might write riddles instead of explicitly telling everyone what to gather for the scavenger hunt. Consider having participants take pictures instead of collecting the items. That will create more opportunities for fun, out-of-the-box ideas like taking a selfie at a local landmark. Post the rules along with the time frame for the game for everyone in your community to follow. The person (or team) who collects the most items from the scavenger hunt list wins a prize that you put together ahead of time as an incentive to join the hunt. 

Scavenger hunts are a fun way to get people from your neighborhood or community together and spend quality time getting to know you and each other. Events that bring people together stay in their memory and keep you top of mind.

11. Create Spring Postcards for Your Farm

Bunnies embracing on Easter-themed real estate postcard
Source: ProspectsPLUS!

Postcards are a great way to communicate with your neighbors, your farm area, or any territory you want to target. You can offer a home valuation, share some spring cleaning tips, or just introduce your services quickly and easily. You can create your own in Canva, like I did, using their dazzling templates. 

If you haven’t discovered the awesomeness of ProspectsPLUS! yet, you should get right on that. ProspectsPLUS! has several different types of postcards you can customize right on their site. They will print your cards and deliver them to your specified neighborhoods. You can basically send out postcards to your farm with just a few clicks. It’s magical, really.

Check out ProspectsPLUS!

12. Host a Homebuyers Event

Woman speaking to a room full of people about the homebuying process.

You know you have potential buyers out there who just need a little nudge to get off that ledge. Host a first-time homebuyers event targeting renters in your area. Provide some fun incentives, like mimosas, and lay out the plans to transition into homeownership.

Many of these renters are probably closer than they realize to owning. Make sure you point out the huge benefits of owning versus renting and how much money they’re not making while paying rent. Give them a strategy to get from where they are to becoming your next buyers.

13. Outdoor Networking Event

Networking event held outdoors on a patio

Got a great outdoor space, like a restaurant with an excellent patio, in your area? Host a fun networking event and invite agents, vendors, and supporting professionals. You can invite a speaker to share tips and advice on sprucing up (or starting) your spring garden. Or choose a topic that corresponds to awareness for one of the coming months. For example, April is Autism Awareness, Lawn and Garden Month, Month of the Military Child, and Fair Housing Awareness month. 

But save most of the time for the many conversations that pop up during networking events. Make sure there’s food and wine! 

My association has a spectacular office near the beach with a grotto overlooking the water. They frequently host networking events there. But closer to home, there’s plenty of beach space for fun activities, like sand volleyball, or just sitting around a fire pit sipping on a glass of wine with some colleagues I don’t get to see much in the hustle and bustle of everyday real estate life. Take advantage of whatever your area offers in the way of outdoor spaces and soak up some sun with professionals in your area. It’s a great way to remind people of your awesomeness.

14. Host a BBQ Contest

BBQ ribs cooking on a grill with smoke bellowing

If you love BBQ as much as I do, then this will be right up your alley. Invite people in your community to test their talents and join in the fun. Set a day and a location. You will most likely need to check in with your city officials to find out where you can host this type of event. 

Once you’ve got your location and date, start up your marketing campaign, inviting members of the community to register as contestants or just show up for the tasting! You can either establish an objective set of judges to vote on the winners or have everyone taste and vote on their favorites. Hand out prizes (cash prizes typically work great) to all the winners. 

Everyone will walk away happy, with full bellies and huge smiles. And if you’ve marketed the event well, had a decent turnout, and made sure you were a presence during the event, the community will be talking about you for months! You may consider making it an annual event, growing it each year. 

15. Easter-themed Pop-bys for Past Clients & Your Farm

Everyone loves a great pop-by treat! Attach some of these happy little cards with your gift and drop them off with your past clients or in your farm areas. My brokerage buys plastic Easter eggs with holes in the top (perfect for threading ribbon through) and fills the plastic eggs with candy. We attach a card to the ribbon and hang these little cuties from door handles and knobs in as many neighborhoods as we can. It’s a huge hit every year!

If you need some extra inspiration, check out this article for more pop-by ideas you can pair with these adorable bunny cards!

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Your Take

If it’s not obvious already, I love spring and I get excited about outdoor marketing opportunities! Take some of these ideas, put them into action, and use your imagination to create more real estate promotional ideas around spring and Easter. The more you do, the better the return on your investment. 

These are just a handful of fun ideas to add a bit of spring to your real estate promotions this season. It’s lovely to get outside and take advantage of the sunshine and attitude shift that happens around this time each year. Have some great ideas I didn’t share? I would love to hear about them in the comments. I may even include them in my next article!


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