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13 Real Estate Instagram Posts That Will Increase Engagement


Social media is now the go-to method for marketing your real estate business online. And agents who post on Instagram are attracting more leads, landing more clients, and closing more deals.  

But coming up with standout real estate Instagram posts consistently is one of the biggest hurdles agents face in growing their business online. I’ve been tracking different types of Instagram posts and distilled my top picks to help get your Instagram feed working for you.  Here are 13 of my favorite real estate Instagram posts that attract clients. 

Also, I included a list of companies that offer gorg Instagram templates to simplify your creative process. After you check out the list of my favorites, use the table at the bottom to find a provider that works for you. Oh, and check out these amazing Canva templates that you can use right now to start building your real estate empire.

These posts are so on point. Both examples use trending audio—which you’ll find by spotting the arrow in the bottom left corner of Reels—and hashtags to show off the poster’s real estate personality. I am in love with the POV, or point of view, real estate posts on Instagram. They add spice and humor in a one-two punch.

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2. Listing Carousels That Show Off Your Sense of Style

As soon as your listing hits the market, you need to post it to all of your socials. You want to create stylish listing marketing material that your sellers will love as much as your potential buyers. Creating a quick listing carousel will help your listing stand out on a highly visual medium like Instagram. But it will also help your branding when you add your unique flair.

If you’re looking for help on this post type, I’m smitten with these stunning templates from Coffee & Contracts. Classy and chic, these fully customizable Canva templates show off your listings like a boss. Along with these templates, Coffee & Contracts gives you everything you need for a full-fledged marketing strategy for $54 per month.

Coffee & Contracts has closed its membership until fall 2023. But you can join the waiting list now and receive access to their free resource suite and get an exclusive discount when they open their doors again.

Create Your Marketing Strategy With Coffee & Contracts

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3. Storytelling Reels That Showcase Your Expertise

Take to Instagram to educate your clients and sphere on all things real estate with storytelling Reels. Coffee & Contracts breaks down how to create a short story Reel in this post, including a few ideas to get you started. 

But won’t everyone just steal your tips? You might think that would be the case. The truth is, when you share your knowledge with your audience, you quickly become the expert. You’ll build trust and connection, and your followers will think of you when they have real estate questions. Think of it as nurturing without emails. Using this strategy is a long game, but your consistency will pay off exponentially. 

Check out these examples from real estate pros who have perfected this technique. I’m especially loving these funny videos from Amy Barton Cotney. She has a fun style all her own, her branding is perfection, and her Reels are fire.

Create your own stylish Reels using the same strategies these agents are using. The goal is to keep it short and simple, use trending audio to gain more traction and make it easily digestible.

If you want to kick-start your Reel-creating juices, go check out the gorgeous templates from Coffee & Contracts. They are always updating their stylish templates so you’ll always have fresh content.

Get Stylish Reel Templates From Coffee & Contracts

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4. Video Listing Walk-throughs

Instagram post about a recently listed  property

If you want to get the most bang for your buck with your new listings, create a video walk-through that showcases the best features of your listing. But don’t make it boring. The idea is to catch the attention of not only potential buyers but also future sellers. Creating short, imaginative Reels for Instagram is a great way to stand out that takes a lot less time than you think.

Take a look at Utah agent Paige Steckling’s listing videos for inspiration. Paige creates amazing videos that feature her walking through and pointing out the best features of the listing in under a minute! That’s how you do listing videos.

Wanna produce scroll-stopping videos fast and easy? Agent Crate offers customizable video templates for your socials, along with prewritten blog posts, social media calendars, and tons more for just $24 per month. It can’t replace your personality, of course, but for access to these awesome templates, we think it’s totally worth it.

Create Scroll-stopping Content With Agent Crate

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5. Educational Carousels That Stand Out

Some days we just don’t feel like putting in the effort to get “video-ready.” But consistency is how we make the effort worth it. So, don’t miss an opportunity to deliver value with fun educational carousels. Plus, it’s always a good idea to mix it up a bit! 

And did I mention you don’t always have to be on video to create standout real estate posts on Instagram? You can create static educational posts and drop some knowledge to your audience without ever showing your mug. 

Check out these delightful and stylish templates from Porchlyte. When you want to quickly create some posts to establish yourself as the expert in your community, these templates will make you pop as the pro you are—no makeup needed.

Dominate Your Market With Templates From Porchlyte

6. Funny Real Estate Memes

Funny instagram post about dads ruining real estate deals

Nothing grabs attention like a bit of humor in an Instagram post. These types of fun real estate Instagram posts and GIFs are perfect for creating buzz, giving your followers a great laugh, and keeping you top of mind. 

Posting something share-worthy will get more eyes on your post. And that will get you and your content in front of tons more viewers. A viral post can help you grow your following faster than the Elon-Zuck cage fight spawned hilarious memes. 

The best part is you don’t have to come up with the laughs yourself. If you want ready-to-use memes and GIFs, The Close contributor Eric Simon—aka The Broke Agent—teamed up with Coffee & Contracts to create a stash of these plug-and-play templates you can customize and post right from Canva. Plus, you’ll get fresh new content every month to keep things lively in your feed.

Get the Conversation Started With Memes From Coffee & Contracts

7. Meme Yourself on Instagram

Picasso is often credited with saying, “Good artists copy; great artists steal.” When you see a fun meme or great post, don’t be afraid to repurpose it in your own posts. 

Find a meme you think is clever? Create your own version featuring your smug mug to get better engagement. Today’s savvy Instagram scroller is more interested in seeing you than a stock photo or over-played meme. Just remember to give credit back to the original post when you use someone else’s idea. That’s just common courtesy. 

The point is you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. There are tons of fun memes floating around that you can recycle and repurpose for your audience. This will drastically cut down how much time you have to spend thinking about content and help you create yours much faster.

One of our long-time favorites at The Close is Yackeline Leiderman in Miami. She’s perfected the art of meme-ifying herself for Instagram. If you’re not following her by now, you should be. And I’m gushing over this post from Caitlin Hare where she cleverly uses her own facial expression to bring this POV-style post to life. Her expression is pure fire and the POV is supremely spot on.

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8. Real Estate Market Updates With Sophistication

People always want to know how the market is doing. So be sure to keep them informed with sophisticated, sleek market update posts. Use high-definition photos of listings (feel free to use some of your previous listing photos as long as you have the proper permissions) to hint at your marketing savvy.

Sharing data around your farm area sets you apart as the go-to person for your market. You’ll quickly become the expert to contact for all things real estate in your ‘hood. If you are consistently posting this type of useful info, your audience will take notice and soon you’ll be one of those almost famous types with locals calling you out at the grocery store, “Hey, aren’t you that Realtor from Insta?” 

Yes, that really happens.

I love market updates like this stylish one from Huntyr Banks in Kansas City, the black-and-white example in the carousel above. Or if you want to really stand out, turn your market update into a short Instagram Reel like this one from Live Love Desoto that rounds out the images above. Add details and your contact info (plus a subtle call to action) in the description. 

You can design these kinds of real estate Instagram posts yourself quickly and easily with free tools like Canva or VistaCreate. These platforms already have some templates that can work well. But if you want to save time and brain space, check out the gorgeous templates from LabCoat Agents.

Get the Word Out With LabCoat Agents

9. This or That & Other Engagement Posts

Convincing people to interact with your posts will get the Instagram algorithm gods working in your favor. Use two photos and ask “This or That?” or post polls inviting your followers to weigh in. With engaging questions that incorporate high-def photos, these posts can stop a scroll on a dime. 

Engagement posts are perfect for assessing where your followers are in their house-hunting journey. The ones who participate are actively thinking about their dream house. When they engage with your post, that’s your cue to start a conversation in your DMs. Follow up with more questions about what they’re looking for in their next home and give them some tips on getting there. You’ll be the one they come to when it’s time to hire a Realtor.

Stumped on ideas for this or that posts? Don’t hurt your brain—Porchlyte can help! They’re loaded with different templates you can customize with your own spin, your logo, and any additional info you want to include. They’re gorgeous and ready to use.

Download Engagement Post Canva Templates From Porchlyte

10. Day in the Life of a Realtor

Day in the life of a realtor post on Instagram

I know your #realtorlife doesn’t seem that exciting to you. But people on the outside looking in want to know how you spend your day. These #dayinthelife posts get mega engagement, and your audience will be fascinated with the activities you share. 

But these posts do something else: They show that you’re actually working hard for your clients. That gives you clout and authority. When people see everything you do in a day, they see your work ethic, what it takes to get a listing sold, the lengths you’ll go to find the right home for your buyers, and your expertise. They see you as a professional out there doing the work. 

So, even though it may feel awkward or uninteresting, create one of these every so often. All you need is your phone to create these posts. Pair it with some trending music in the background, and don’t forget to use the auto-captions feature.

11. Authentic Personal Posts

Authentic Instagram post from a real estate agent

When you only post about real estate, your audience will stop seeing you as a person and start scrolling past your posts. You certainly don’t want that. Your followers want to get to know you as a human. When you’re human, people can connect with you, relate to you, and see you as a friend and a confidant. 

The real estate agents who do this best get more referrals and repeat business than those who keep an arms-length distance from their circle. Don’t be all business all the time. Share some of who you are as a person, not just as a real estate pro. 

Create posts of you at home, doing the things you love, and spending time with those you care about. Those posts make the most significant difference in your success. Be yourself. Be authentic. Create meaningful relationships with the people you do business with, and you’ll be rewarded with more business than you can handle.

As an added bonus, you’ll naturally attract the kind of people that you will enjoy working with.

12. Personal Journey Posts

Instagram post about a real estate agent's personal journey

One amazingly easy way to create interest around your business is by sharing your journey. In this post, Melissa Morgan sits down and shares how she got started in real estate. As you might expect, it wasn’t a straightforward path for her. There are twists and turns and unexpected surprises. But her story is uniquely her own, and the way she’s telling it helps others connect with her as a human. 

Sharing your personal story will create vulnerability. That may be uncomfortable for many of you, but if you can trust the process, it will be worth it. People connect with your failures even more than with your successes. When you share the parts of your journey that were more difficult, your audience will respond in kind. You’ll be amazed at how many people will come out and tell you they had similar experiences and felt similar pains. When you engage others on that human level, it creates a much deeper connection.

Sit down and tell your story, even if you don’t think it’s very interesting. You never know who will connect with you through some part of your journey.

Showing off your knowledge of your surroundings will help you become the community expert in the eyes of your followers. Create a post highlighting the cool things to do in your town and what’s great about living there, and share your experiences. 

This post above—another one by Amy Barton Cotney—is a great take on what she loves about her town of Auburn, Alabama. She entices you to stop scrolling and check out her post using a curiosity headline (perfection!) and lists several amazing things you can do around town in the following slides.

And remember, you don’t have to spend a lot of time on your community spotlight posts. Take a picture at one of your local favorites (restaurant, coffee shop, gift shop, hair salon, etc.) and give kudos to the vendors and local businesses you love spending time (and money) with. Be sure to tag them in your post. They will likely share your post with their followers, giving you that added boost of credibility and exposure. 

Becoming a community ambassador will garner you some kudos from local businesses. That will benefit you in several ways—you’ll become the person in town who knows everyone (a community resource). And when someone asks one of those business owners if they know a good real estate agent, who do you think they’re going to refer? Spend some time in your community getting to know people, be a part of the fabric, and add value where you can, even if you don’t get anything back in return.

Why Use Real Estate Instagram Templates?

By the way, social media marketing is hard. It’s time-consuming, sucking life and energy from real estate pros who would rather be talking to prospects. Templates help streamline the process, giving you back time to do what you got into real estate to do—sell houses!

If you prefer to trust the pros, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve put together a list of amazing companies that create plug-and-play real estate templates that you can customize and post to Instagram in just minutes. Check out the list, compare pricing and design, choose your favorite, and get busy posting.

All of these companies provide real estate Instagram post templates to make your life easier. Some offer additional tools and services that might be worth checking out as well. I’ve listed them here based on what they’re best for and their pricing to give you an idea of what you can outsource. Use this guide to compare the different companies, what they offer, and whether or not they will work for you.

Where to Find Real Estate Instagram Templates

Social Media Post Creator Best For Price per Month
Coffee & Contracts (Best Overall) Sleek, high-end templates for marketing campaigns, storytelling Reels (some designed by the Broke Agent), and trending audio $54
LabCoat Agents Marketing tools that stand out, catchy copy with unique designs $59
Porchlyte Done-for-you educational templates with a luxe feel $47 (billed quarterly)
Agent Crate Trending video posts (Reels) with audio, Instagram post templates, plug-and-play, ready-made posts $24
Canva Pro Budget-friendly Instagram Reel templates, Instagram post templates for DIYers to create their own social posts $10 (billed annually)

Your Take

Instagram is a remarkable marketing tool to attract business and help you grow your real estate authority. But it’s also an excellent way to connect with your audience on a personal level. The 13 types of posts listed here will help you get the most out of your marketing efforts.

If you’re a new agent with a limited budget, tap into that sweat equity and spend your time instead of your dollars doing some DIY marketing. Canva or VistaCreate is a great place to start.

But once you get your business up and running, you might want to tap some of the companies above to create a beautiful branding campaign that you can be proud to show off. Plus, they can do a lot of the heavy lifting to free up your time so you can focus on what you do best: serving your clients.

There are plenty of options out there to help you create these Instagram posts, and I hope you found my suggestions and advice helpful. But this is by no means an exhaustive list. Are you using an agency that I didn’t mention? I’m always looking for new companies and services to take for a test run. Let us know who you love in the comment section below.


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