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5 Expert Tips to Maximize EVERY Campaign’s Potential


Bear with me for a second here… I swear this is going somewhere meaningful…

In 430 BC, 500 Spartans defeated an army of almost 7,000 Persians in the Peloponnesian War. The competition was overwhelming, the odds massively against them, and yet the Spartans had a few things that set them apart… They had more discipline, they fought as a single unit, and they ran successful campaigns that they knew worked.

What does this have to do with you as a real estate agent? Well, doesn’t it sound a little bit similar? Transactions are down, agent count is up, and you’re fighting for your share of the market against enormous odds. It feels like a war out there.

Winning a war requires the strategic deployment of successful campaigns. That’s why I got together with some of my top coaches as well as Curaytor CEO and real estate marketing Superman Jimmy Mackin to create a program of campaigns that are proven to work and then give agents everything they need to run them.


Introducing $100k in 100 Days

We call it $100k in 100 Days, and its goal is to ensure that any agent who follows the program will not only finish the year strong but also set themselves up for their best year ever in 2024. Already, 3,000 agents and brokerages are signed up to be a part of this program – and I’d say that makes it a movement because what you’re going to see in the next 100 days is those agents rising to the top while others begin to drop away. 

In this blog, I’m giving you insight into the campaign and sharing with you 5 ways to ensure success in any campaign.You can use this to form your own campaigns if you think you’re up for it or read through to the end where you’ll learn how to get access to the $100k in 100 Days playbook and join our army of Rockstars who are leading the way.


Rule 1 for Successful Campaigns: Get Clear on the End Result 

This is a journey. You’re attempting to be in a different place in your business by December 31st, but the only way to get there is to know where you want to go.

Imagine that it’s New Year’s Eve… What does your business look like?

  • Volume/transactions/GCI
  • How many active listings do you have headed into 2024?
  • How many listing leads who aren’t quite ready yet but plan to list in Q1 2024?

Spell it out and get specific. The more “real” you can make your goals, the more they will compel you to achieve them. 


Rule 2 for Successful Campaigns: Get Serious with Your Schedule

Those who are taking part in $100k in 100 Days have a workbook that lays out every single campaign and every tactic for them. Every email, every script, every text has been personally written by myself and Jimmy Mackin. It’s just plug-and-play. 

But that doesn’t mean we can do all the work for you. It’s up to you to make room in your schedule to actually use the materials you have. We can’t make your schedule for you.

I know that this requires a lot of trust, because it means pushing aside other things you might want to do. You just have to know that the results will be worth it. Anything that requires your focus requires carving out time to make it a priority.

This is definitely one of those times.


Rule 3 for Successful Campaigns: Plan for Resistance

Every time that anyone attempts to do anything great, they will be met with resistance. It’s one of the laws of nature, because change requires friction.

Resistance comes in two forms: internal and external. 

Luckily, you’re equally capable of dealing with both, even if the internal resistance is a little harder. Decrease external resistance by letting your family and the people closest to you know what you’re doing. Ask for their support and have them hold you accountable to your plan.

I’ve always found that I’m not great at doing this just for myself. My true power comes from doing things for the people I love, and I bet yours does too. So remind yourself every day who you’re doing it for. That’s how you cut the mental resistance. 

Those taking place in the “100k in 100 Days” challenge already have an advantage here, because they have a coach holding them accountable – and coaches don’t allow you to let your


Rule 4 for Successful Campaigns: Track & Measure Everything

Why would anyone have resistance towards tracking and measuring everything? Because it’s a lot of work and slightly complicated to interpret the metrics? 

Sure, it takes some getting used to, but it’s well worth it to get past the learning curve, because once you do, you’ll not only know how to adjust your campaigns but gain the motivation to keep charging full speed with them.

Running a campaign without tracking its progress is like throwing darts in complete darkness. How many are you going to keep throwing before you just get tired? Probably not many, but once you see yourself hitting the target, you’ll find your strength continually increasing with your excitement.

Knowing your data is all about creating predictability and certainty in your business. This is a type of predictability that is far from boring, because you’re now freed up to focus on the fun, big picture stuff: expansion, experimentation, thriving on every level. You’re switching your mindset from “How can I survive?” to “How can I win even bigger?”


Rule 5 for Successful Campaigns: Use Both Ends of the Spectrum

Have you ever heard of the Law of Polarity? It says that everything has an opposite which directly corresponds to it on a line. That means that love and hate, fear and excitement, pain and pleasure, are all parts of the same spectrums – and therefore just different degrees of the same thing.

The spectrum that we want to focus on is the one that motivates us – pain and pleasure. Everyone is different with the what degree of this energy either builds them up or breaks them down. Too much pain and you get worn down. Too much pleasure and you get lazy and indulgent. But if you hit the sweet spot on both ends of the spectrum, you’ll be able to maintain the momentum you need to keep charging forward.

Create both consequences and rewards for yourself. Maybe the amount of calls you make in a day determines if you’ll be able to honor that date night you promised to your partner. This always reinforces your accountability, because who would you be if you broke those kinds of promises to those you say you care about?

Those with a coach don’t need to worry about creating their own consequences – because that’s a part of their job. A coach is your perfect moderator of the spectrum, a professional at keeping you focused, inspired, and full of energy. None of our clients let their coaches down, because their coaches are good enough to not let them.


Join the Campaign

Marketing campaigns are more than just a series of touches grouped together – they’re thoughtful links in a larger chain which pull your business forward. Each one needs to be strong enough to hold its own and fit into the one before and after it. 

Creating this kind of marketing strategy isn’t easy to do, but if you follow the principles we just covered and start NOW, you’ll be on your way to finishing the year strong and setting yourself up for an unstoppable 2024.

But what if you don’t have time to build out your campaigns right now? What if you need guaranteed change immediately stemming from campaigns that are tested and proven to work?

That’s one of the reasons that Jimmy Mackin and I created the “$100k in 100 Days” playbook. Inside it you’ll find EVERY text and email you’ll send out over the next 100 days already written for you. It’s your full guide to the last quarter of the year. 

This plan is already available to coaching members, because these are the agents who have proven their commitment to success – for themselves, the ones they love, and the clients they serve. The accountability is already locked in, so over the next 100 days, you’re going to feel the industry begin to wrap itself around them.

But that doesn’t mean you have to be on the outside looking in. You have the principles to begin creating your own path, and you also have this link. Follow it to schedule your free Coaching Discovery Call. 

If you’re ready to finish 2023 full of momentum and prime your pipeline for 2024, we’d love you to join us.


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