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3 Essential Marketing Channels that Cost Next to Nothing


As a real estate professional, you have incredible flexibility and a world of options to consider when deciding how to run your business. You may have even heard me say “There’s no wrong way to generate a lead” once or twice.

And it’s true. I’ve known agents who swear by TV commercials and glossy print ads in expensive magazines. And on the opposite end of the spectrum, I’ve known agents unwilling to spend a dime on marketing who would rather invest sweat equity by door-knocking their way to success.

That’s the beauty of this business… you can do pretty much whatever you want.

But you’d be making a big mistake if you’re not using the three essential marketing channels I’m talking about in this blog as part of your marketing mix.

Why? Because they’re inexpensive, highly effective, and fairly easy to implement.

Let’s dive in…


Inexpensive Marketing Essentials No. 1: Google Business Profile

I’ll just say it: Too many agents are ignoring their Google Business Profile. And that’s happening in a world where “Google” is used as a verb millions of times every day.

Google is the consumer’s instinctive starting point to discover more about whatever they want to know. So wouldn’t you agree it’s pretty important that if they “Google” your name, the right things pop up? And what about if they’re Googling something directly related to selling their home? Well, I’d say that’s even more important to have your name be the first one that pops up!

And here’s the best part of your Google Business Profile… While most marketing platforms take consistent work to keep up with – if you stop producing content, the leads dry up – your GBP is relatively “set it and forget it.”

Once you set it up in the right way, it’ll continue to generate business in the background.

But only if you set it up in exactly the right way (more on this down below).

It’s actually crazy that this tool is completely free and yet there are agents who either aren’t using it or taking the time to learn how to use it correctly.

Inexpensive Marketing Essentials No. 2: Social Media

One of the greatest minds in real estate marketing working today, Jason Pantana always says, “Marketing without content is like a bow without arrows.” Your marketing strategy is essentially a content strategy, and there’s no better place to gather your content than on social.

Now, when I say “social media content,” what exactly am I talking about?

That’s right… I’m talking specifically about video! But this is where a lot of agents hit the pause button. Suddenly they start thinking they need to get a fancy camera, learn to use a green screen, set up light kits, and hire a videographer.

All these things are great, but far from necessary. Good videos come from good information. All you need is your phone and something to say.

But that being said, there are a lot of things you could do to improve the efficacy of your videos:

  • Figuring out the best types of videos to make and cadence to release them at
  • Knowing the best places the shoot, the camera settings to use, and the cheap lighting strategies that make your content look professional
  • Getting a good batching protocol in place
  • Learning to optimize SEO on your profiles and descriptions
  • Understanding the algorithms so you can always break through the noise

We’ll come back to how exactly to learn all this, but first we need to talk about…


Inexpensive Marketing Essentials No. 3: Email

If you think this is too simple to be true, you’re dead wrong.

In fact, email is likely the greatest channel in the history of marketing. Most marketing experts say they’d rather give up social media than email, because email is proven to be the No. 1 ROI marketing channel, hands-down, period.

So if email marketing hasn’t been giving you the results you want, then what’s that old expression?… “Blame the rider, not the horse?” “Blame the swordsman, not the sword?” I forget, but regardless, you need to start rethinking your strategy.

Where your Google Profile and social media accounts are meant to attract attention and get people to know/like/trust you, email campaigns are where you bring them into the endzone and make the conversion.

These people are already in your database and have subscribed to receive your content, which means they’re already interested and just looking for that little push to decide. It might take some time, but that’s why this is called a lead nurture strategy.

Let’s talk about how to build all these strategies…


The Ultimate Marketing Trifecta How-To Courses

It’s not just enough that you’re using these channels – it’s about how you use them. It’s about having the knowledge to know exactly what you’re doing at every moment so that you can move with confidence.

This is exactly why Jason Pantana and I created MarketingPRO. These are three full training modules, each with 4+ hours of video courses from Jason himself, covering the marketing channels we just described.

And I’m super excited to announce NEW UPDATES for 2023 are now included with two of the three modules!

Jason put it best when he said: “I chose these three marketing channels specifically because of the untapped potential hidden within them. They work for everyone, don’t cost a thing, and once you fully understand them, they can completely change the way you view marketing in general.

MarketingPRO: Cracking the Social Code does exactly what it promises to do – demystify social media marketing for real estate agents. But more than that, it’s designed to give you the skills to shoot, edit, post, and manage your videos with extreme confidence. You’ll learn all about the platforms, their features and algorithms, how to optimize SEO, and so much more. INCLUDES NEW UPDATES FOR 2023!

MarketingPRO: Google Business Boss is a deep dive into how to set up and maintain your Google Business Profile to beat the algorithm and rank above your competitors. If you want a passive lead generation machine that works on your behalf, taking the time to learn how to set it up is a tiny investment. INCLUDES NEW UPDATES FOR 2023!

And finally, MarketingPRO: Inbox Hero was designed to completely revolutionize the way you approach email marketing. Jason will take you step-by-step through the process of creating newsletters, managing your mailing list, staying out of the spam folders, and nurturing your leads to the point of conversion.

All three modules are available for individual purchase, or you can save big when you bundle all three! If you already own MarketingPRO: Cracking the Social Code or Google Business Boss, make sure to log into your account to get your 2023 updates.


A Cumulative Effect

There they are… the three inexpensive, essential marketing channels that every real estate agent out there should be using and the best way to master them.

But before you go, I want to make one final point.

Each of these channels is great on its own, but it isn’t until you put them all together that you get the synergistic effect that can skyrocket your business. Each piece links to the other, enhances it, and contributes to your reputation as a brand.

So, if you’re not using them then what are you waiting for? They’re all free! And if you’re not using them right, click here to learn more about MarketingPRO with Jason Pantana.


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