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Tips for Tiny Lake Home Living


Modern tiny lake home on Lake Rabun, Georgia
Photo courtesy of Teeny Abode

There is something incredibly enticing about a cozy little lake getaway with a fantastic view. And since downsizing has truly become a thing, why not explore the benefits of living small and simple while still living large? After all, bigger isn’t necessarily better. Tiny lake homes can offer you many of the same amenities as a largescale home but in a more efficient and compact way. Plus, they may be much more affordable while still offering you a beautiful natural setting and breathtaking views—the main reason most of us love lake living. And the best part is they are often easier to maintain and, depending on their features, can offer an eco-friendlier option. So, if you’re ready to take the plunge and downsize, here are some design tips to enhance your tiny lakeside getaway.

Covered outdoor space with railing at lake home
Photo courtesy of Wheelhaus

Open Up

Expanding your space to the outdoors will give you more square footage and create the illusion of space, especially when you have an expanse of glass offering great views. Large glass doors and windows up top will visually open your home, so it doesn’t feel tiny or cramped. Also, a covered deck or patio provides more seating and entertaining options even if the weather doesn’t cooperate. Who doesn’t enjoy sitting outside during a light rain shower or the first brisk fall nip in the air? Add a tiny fire pit along with some comfy lounge furniture, and you’re all set to enjoy a cozy evening outside—rain or shine.

loft space inside modern tiny lake home
Photo courtesy of Teeny Abode

Scale Up

If you have a tiny yet tall lake home, a loft space makes a wonderfully snug location for bedrooms. It creates a cozy sense of privacy while still remaining open and connected to the living spaces. It also frees up more space in the common areas for cooking, gathering, and entertaining. These raised spaces are especially appealing when your lake home has a gabled roof that slants, offering less headroom. Hence, when lying down in the bed, you don’t require much height. Adding a staircase that leads to the loft space also brings an element of architectural interest and takes the eye upward, further accentuating your soaring ceiling height. Loft spaces can also make excellent home offices or accessible storage spaces for things that aren’t used on a daily basis.

tiny lake home kitchen, dining room, and living room with open floor plan
Photo courtesy of Southern Belle Simple

Space Planning Strategy

Simplicity and functionality are essential when decorating a tiny lake home. Focus on making the most of every square inch of your space and create multifunctional rooms. For instance, this cozy lake home incorporates an open, free-flowing plan encompassing a kitchen/dining area that’s visually connected to the living room, allowing for effortless entertaining. A calming neutral palette keeps the vibe light and airy, creating the illusion of more space. Plus, space-saving furniture, such as the small breakfast table tucked into a corner of the kitchen, is strategically positioned so it does not obstruct the traffic flow. For those on a budget, consider repurposing furniture you already own or seek out flea market and thrift store treasures that will bring a cozy, lived-in aesthetic to your casual abode. Here, a well-worn leather sofa paired with a rustic wooden coffee table invites relaxed comfort and worry-free, everyday use.

hallway storage spaces in tiny lake home
Photo courtesy of iTinyHouses

Storage Savvy

Cleverly concealed storage spaces will reduce clutter and stash away essentials such as extra towels, bedding, and cleaning supplies.  You can also store your seasonal items in these handy yet tucked-away enclaves. For instance, in this tiny yet mighty hallway, storage space is created under the staircase to accommodate an extra linen closet and a lower crawl space below that can house numerous items out of sight. A chalkboard shelf mounted on the wall includes hooks for hanging necessary keys. Blue paint applied to the cabinet doors and black hardware add a charming decorative element to this hallway space.

tiny modern lake home bathroom with durable and high-quality materials and finishes
Photo courtesy of Tiny Living

Quality Over Quantity

When it comes to tiny lake home interiors, it makes sense to use high-quality materials if you can afford to. For example, in the bathroom—a room that endures a lot of use over time—it pays to splurge on high-quality countertops, tile flooring, and durable hardware and plumbing fixtures that will withstand the test of time. Here, natural wood complements the sleek tile, textured glass shower doors, a solid-surface vanity top, and custom cabinetry with stylish hardware. In addition, a rustic pebbled shower floor tile and tiny vanity backsplash using elegant black subway tile enhance the clean-lined aesthetic.

You can use this same ideology when selecting household items like kitchen appliances, dishware, flatware, and bedding. You will need fewer items for your tiny home, so it pays to invest in higher-quality pieces that can withstand a lot of wear and tear.

Murphy-style bed in tiny lake home living area that folds up into the wall
Photo courtesy of The Mod Barn

Space Savers

You can amp up the functionality of your tiny lake home spaces by making them multifunctional with furniture pieces that can be easily converted for multiple uses. For example, with a Murphy-style bed that folds into the wall, you can quickly transition your living room to a sleeping space at night. Some options even perform double duty, such as desktops and pull-out beds. Sofa beds work, too, so consider this option when maximizing your small spaces. This contemporary pull-out provides a cozy little reading nook as well as a bed, and it harmonizes with the built-in shelving.

For more ideas to optimize your lake home spaces, check out these smart storage tips for your kitchen. But whether you decide to go big or small—life is always better at the lake.


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