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Selling a Lake Home Requires Broader Marketing


If you’re thinking of selling your lake home, you’ll have to broaden your marketing. Glenn Phillips, CEO of Lake Homes Realty, gives reasons to market to a broader audience.

  1. Out-of-State Buyers: Agents who have had the most success selling lake homes are the ones who market to out-of-state buyers. When choosing an agent, consider if they will be able to tell you how many buyers in other states are shopping your lake. With more realistic buyers, you have better opportunities for more return on investment when you sell.
  2. Specific Lake Might Not Matter: While some buyers may be committed to one lake, there are many who look at several lakes in multiple states when buying a lake home. This should affect where you are marketing and how you are pricing houses. You should price competitively for multiple markets, not just your own.
  3. Local Marketing = Limited Marketing: Most buyers come from the web, so you should have a broad market reach. Putting out signs and listing in a local MLS are beneficial to a point, but limit your pool of buyers.
  4. Web Portals Are Crowded: Big web portals that list many types of property are crowded with people looking for all types of houses, not just lake houses. This causes buyers who want to specifically look for lake homes to sift through the other types of property. Listing on a niche website that specializes in lake property puts you ahead of the listings on big web portals.

Agents and sellers must think broadly when selling lake property. Utilizing these strategies, sellers can maximize their return on investment with their lake home. Connect with an agent at if you’re looking to sell your lake home to a broad market.


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