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How Can a Lake-Focused Real Estate Agent Protect a Buyer?


Having a lake-focused real estate as a buyer will make all the difference. Lake Homes Realty’s CEO, Glenn Phillips, shares variables about lake home buying that make a lake expert crucial.

  1. Water is Not All Equal: Where you want to be on the water can have a considerable effect on lake activity, home price, etc.
  2. Leased Lots: This transaction type is extremely common on the lake, and is nothing to fear. The length of your lease can be up to 100 years and is transferable when you’re ready to move.
  3. Financing is Different: The average lender may not be familiar with lake-specific transactions like leased lots. A lake-focused agent can connect you with a lake-focused lender to help prevent confusion.
  4. Unexpected Regulations: Don’t find out about lake restrictions after you’ve bought your home. A lake expert can help you navigate your lake’s regulations during your home search.
  5. Lake-Induced Price Variables: Two identical homes on a lake can have vastly different price tags depending on their relation to the lake. 
  6. Different Types of Sellers: Traditional sellers are bound to a timeframe when trying to move. Lake home sellers don’t have the same haste, as this is a discretionary purchase. 

Don’t settle for a real estate agent with minimal knowledge of the lake, when you can find a lake expert at!


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