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2023 Outdoor Furniture Trends


Outdoor fire pit, chairs on wooden platform deck in front of lake
Photo courtesy of Bellino Round Fire Pit and Antibes seating group, Ebel Incorporated

Text by Michelle Rohrer-Lauer, ASID
Produced by Laura Bianchi and Jeanne Delathouder

There’s nothing more wonderful than when the snow starts to melt, and we make that exciting shift from winter to spring. As a lake lover—and lake homeowner—I can’t wait to head outside and enjoy the comfort of my outdoor spaces while taking in glistening views of the water. As an interior designer, I’m always seeking new outdoor furniture trends and furnishings at my Wisconsin retreat that reinforce my experience in comfort, durability, smart technology, and exceptional design. And as the founder of Michelle’s Interiors in the Chicago area and a member of the Sustainable Furnishings Council, sustainability runs close to my heart. So, throughout my professional projects—and in my own home—I aim to incorporate eco-friendly designs that are both sensible and beautiful. 

This spring, I am excited to share some of my favorite new outdoor furniture trends and furnishings as we prepare our lake homes for another glorious outdoor season. Who wouldn’t want to make the most of their magnificent outdoor space?  

Lounging Large

Extra-wide lounge chair in grass by swimming pool
Photo courtesy of Janus Et Cie

Have you ever seen a double-wide lounge chair shaped like this Fibonacci Vantana Double Chaise by Janus Et Cie? What an eye-catcher! Traditionally, double-wide lounges are side-by-side rectangles, but this one has a unique shape that will make an excellent conversation piece. The handwoven JANUSfiber seating is supported by a powder-coated steel frame. And with steel being so incredibly eco-friendly, how can I resist? Steel is the most recycled material in the world—more than aluminum, paper, glass, and plastic combined. It can be recycled and reused infinitely. 

I love that this chaise’s Vertex and JANUSfiber are 100 percent recyclable, colorfast, and UV and stain-resistant. Sustainable and practical—a great combination, especially for a lake house. I can just picture my family curling up together on one of these. It invites everyone to crawl in with a great book, take a snooze, or just enjoy the stunning lake views.

Pillows that Pop

Outdoor seating on patio with bright pillows and an umbrella
Photo courtesy of Studio West Photography

This beautiful seating area is a two-fer for outdoor furniture trends, starting with these luscious pillows I selected for a client’s sectional. I don’t know about you, but seeing a pop of color against neutral tones always boosts my mood. I’m a huge fan of using bright colors for outdoor spaces versus traditional ocean blues and whites. Notice how the pillows in Fabricut’s Newport Orchid and Sunbrella’s Canvas Hot Pink look more brilliant against the full greenery behind them. Selecting two contrasting fabrics for your outdoor umbrella also is on-trend for 2023. Check out this custom Tuuci Ocean Master M1 Cantilever Umbrella. I chose a plain taupe for the top and a raspberry and plum-accented pattern for underneath, echoing the colors of the pillows. Out of all the beautiful elements in this seating area, this umbrella may be my favorite. It is not only pretty and provides lots of shade, but also the pole is made of aluminum. Like steel, aluminum is a green metal—it can be recycled again and again. It’s just another way to sprinkle sustainability into your outdoor living space.

Focal Point Features

Dekton feature wall and outdoor kitchen countertops with barstools
Photo courtesy of Studio West Photography

Indoors or out, one of my specialties is creating a focal-point wall in a space, such as the faux, acid-washed feature wall I chose for this luxurious outdoor kitchen. Isn’t that rustic look perfect for an outdoor kitchen in lake country? I used it for the bar top as well to create a unifying feel. The material is super-durable Dekton Trilium from Cosentino, sourced via Tithof Tile & Marble in Northbrook, IL. Outdoor weather will be no match for this hard-wearing material!

New Wave

Tucci Air Lounge + Wave Stand, blue modern hammock with curvy metal stand by the beach, woman lounging in hammock
Photo Courtesy of Tuuci

Hammocks are a backyard staple, but I love how this Tuuci Air Lounge + Wave Stand pushes the boundaries of traditional design. The sensuous shape of the curvy base Wave Stand is irresistible. Tuuci makes this piece with durable mesh and stretcher bars that will hold up for many seasons of lazy lounging. After a morning of swimming and boating, or after the grandkiddos go home, that gentle swaying motion will feel like sweet serenity. Ahhh!

Sculpted Style

Colossal Cast Stone sculptural seat for outdoor space or garden
Photo courtesy of Phillips Collection

This Colossal Cast Stone Sculptural Seat from Phillips Collection is actually a sculptural bench that lives up to its name. It is 99 inches wide by 40 inches deep and 78 inches high! That’s a big piece, and it’s truly awesome. Introducing an unusual element like this to your exterior space amps up the energy and sparks conversation. Guests may wonder if they have discovered an ancient artifact in your backyard. Plus, the rugged texture is suitable for outdoors. Though the resin core is not recyclable, the company minimized the environmental impact by adding a natural stone finish that comprises half of the piece. It’s a perfect example of my eco-conscious philosophy, 50 Shades of Green. Of course, we can’t always get 100 percent eco-friendly materials, but we do our best to reduce our carbon footprint.

Comfy & Cozy

woven outdoor seating with plush cushions in front of the lake and a fire pit table with drinks and fruit
Photo courtesy of Ebel

This season’s newest fire pits are making me hungry for s’mores, including this Bellino Rectangular version from Ebel. It is powered by propane and offers an adjustable flame. It’s very user-friendly—no adding kindling to feed this fire or worrying about extinguishing it before you go to bed. Crank it up to stay warm while you watch the sunset on a chilly evening. Or, turn it down to a slow burn for some relaxing, romantic ambiance. Either way, I’m sold. It’s also made of recyclable aluminum with the rustic look of concrete, and it’s easy to clean—just rinse with water. Another tip? The Mia Sofa and Mia Club Chairs from Ebel befit the shape of this fire pit perfectly. Plus, they are super comfy and inviting.

Lavish Layers

Outdoor Etna Round dining table with layers of glaze colors in bright turquoise, blues, green, yellow, and white on terrace by beach
Photo courtesy of Seasonal Living

This Etna Round Dining Table from Seasonal Living is visually fabulous. Each tabletop is truly one of a kind. I love how the artisans pour the glaze colors, giving each its own unique design. I always say that a lake home is an ideal place to show your personality with design. It’s a place where we can let go, relax, and have fun with our family and friends. This table is the perfect addition to demonstrate that kind of individuality. There is also an option for a custom top, making it even easier to portray your impeccable taste.

I hope you feel inspired by some of my top picks for outdoor furniture trends. Here’s wishing you a blissful season for outdoor lake living in 2023!


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