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Hispanic Heritage Month Spotlight: John “JD” Diaz


In celebration of National Hispanic Heritage Month, we invited Douglas Elliman agents to share their experiences and talk about the role their heritage has played in their real estate career.

John “JD” Diaz, Las Vegas Real Estate Agent

How do you prefer to identify yourself within the “Hispanic Heritage” spectrum?

I identify myself as a Mexican-American citizen, having been born in America and brought up by parents who immigrated from Mexico.

How did you navigate your way to success in real estate?

Success in real estate came my way owing to an unwavering determination to excel in everything I undertook. The journey of my parents to America instilled in me a strong belief that diligence and intelligent work lead to significant achievements in life. Proving oneself might demand extra effort, but that should serve as a motivation rather than a setback. You are the architect of your destiny; it’s not about where you originated from but where you eventually land. There’s the possibility of crafting your narrative and leaving a legacy for your children and family.

What aspects or values of your heritage empower you in your role as an agent?

I derive strength from the profound family bonds inherent in Hispanic culture, which I deeply cherish. I extend a familial approach to all my clients, fostering communication and reliability, and establishing a rapport that enriches our collaboration throughout the transaction process. A true indicator of this bond is receiving invitations to their personal celebrations like birthdays and anniversaries. It brings me immense joy and honor when my holiday card finds a place on their fridge.

What insights would you like your industry peers to gain about your experience, and how can they become more supportive allies to your community?

When presented with the opportunity to work with diverse cultures—not limited to Hispanics—I encourage colleagues to immerse themselves in learning about these cultures. The insights gained can significantly contribute to one’s success in the industry. Understanding the varied approaches to business across different cultures is appreciated by clients and establishes a foundation of respect and trust.

How do you think brokerages like Elliman can contribute to promoting greater diversity in the industry?

I value companies that celebrate the multifaceted backgrounds of their workforce. Embracing diverse cultures and ideas enhances the organizational fabric. It’s essential to recognize and take pride in the fact that America’s foundation is diversity, and this should be celebrated, not overlooked.

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