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Hispanic Heritage Month Spotlight: Christina Rodriguez


In celebration of National Hispanic Heritage Month, we invited Douglas Elliman agents to share their experiences and talk about the role their heritage has played in their real estate career.

Christina Rodriguez, Texas Real Estate Agent

How do you prefer to identify yourself within the umbrella of “Hispanic Heritage”?

I consider myself a first-generation Mexican American. Both of my parents are from Mexico. We continue celebrating our traditions and speaking our native language, Spanish.

What aspects of your identity are most meaningful for you? Are there cultural traditions or historic moments or other elements that are a particular source of pride?  

I am very proud of my Mexican roots and traditions. One of my favorite traditions to celebrate is El Día de los Muertos, also known as the Day of the Dead. It is a time for families and communities to honor and remember deceased loved ones. Skeleton figures, often dressed in elegant clothing and hats, are a common sight during this vibrant and meaningful celebration. These figures, known as “calacas” or “catrinas,” are a humorous and satirical way of representing death and are often featured in artwork and parades.

Another favorite celebration is Mexican Independence Day, September 16, where the whole world comes to acknowledge and celebrate Mexico!

How did you find your path to success in real estate?

I found myself connecting with other entrepreneurs from other industries that helped me understand we are here to build a legacy. I found my niche in luxury apartment properties, and specializing in this market allowed me to build my brand and clientele with the help of social media.

What values or elements of your heritage do you draw strength from in your work as an agent?

Coming from immigrant parents who had come to the United States from Mexico in search of the American Dream, I have inherited a strong work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit. I combine this with the principles of exceptional customer service, attention to detail and a genuine love for creating unforgettable experiences from the world of hospitality to excel in the real estate industry.

What impact, if any, has your identity had on your experience in the real estate industry? Are there specific moments or episodes from over the years that illustrate that experience?

My background has definitely impacted and played a huge role in my real estate career. Being bilingual has helped me connect with and assist clients who are also Latinos and prefer to speak Spanish. I have had the pleasure to help clients relocate from Ecuador, Colombia and Mexico and settle here in Houston.

What would you like your industry colleagues to understand about your experience and what can they do to be better allies of your community?

Continue to embrace Mexico gastronomy, traditions, culture and music! You can never go wrong with tacos or tequila, which we can enjoy across the United States—or even better, in Mexico!

How do you think brokerages like Douglas Elliman can help foster greater diversity in the industry?

Douglas Elliman is a diverse and inclusive brokerage, and its reputation for professionalism stands out. The Elliman family has done a great job of cultivating a strong multicultural community. All brokerages can continue to acknowledge and respect the ethnicities and cultures of their employees.

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