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Top New Hampshire Real Estate Schools in 2023


With an inviting balance of charming towns and picturesque swaths of nature, it’s no surprise that the Granite State’s population has steadily increased over the last couple of decades. That’s why there’s no better time to seek out your license with one of the many New Hampshire real estate schools out there.

To get a better sense of where to begin the journey that will lead to your real estate license, we’ve researched and compiled five New Hampshire-based real estate schools that—with the help of experienced instructors, live online classes, flexible scheduling, and more—will make the 40-hour prelicensing requirements easy to accomplish.

5 Best Real Estate Schools in New Hampshire for 2023

(New Hampshire prelicensing package prices as of September 2023)

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New Hampshire Real Estate Governing Board:

New Hampshire Real Estate Commission


Prelicensing Requirements:

40 hours


Post-licensing Requirements:

Renewal every 2 years by license anniversary


Continuing Education Requirements:

15 hours (3 hours mandatory core course, 12 hours elective courses)

It’s worth noting that, unlike most other states, New Hampshire requires all real estate classes be taught live with an approved instructor (either in-person or online). For those who would rather choose self-guided or on-demand studies over livestream and in-person classes, reciprocity is a great alternative. Reciprocity agreements between states allow already-licensed real estate agents an opportunity to relocate their skills to a different state. Learn how to accomplish this by jumping to the section on The CE Shop below.

No matter your preferred learning style, real estate schools in New Hampshire have your needs covered. If you’re wondering what the coursework might look like for real estate schooling experience in New Hampshire, jump to the helpful info section. But if you’re ready for more guidance on which real estate school would be the best fit for you, we’ll break it down next.

Best Overall Real Estate School in NH: Barry School of Real Estate

Barry School of Real Estate scorecard


  • Experienced instructors
  • Flexible schedule
  • Real-time classes via Zoom


  • Limited time frame for access to classes
  • Separate test preparation fee

Barry School of Real Estate offers:

  • Prelicensing
  • Broker course
  • Exam prep (separate fee)
  • Reciprocity
  • Continuing education (in partnership with The CE Shop)

Barry School of Real Estate’s mission is to provide students with the knowledge they need to ace their real estate exams. What makes this school so great is its flexibility—not only does its schedule offer both morning and evening classes, but students can also attend (and repeat!) classes in any order that suits them.

Students can also take advantage of networking opportunities and tap into the knowledge of their experienced instructors, as class sizes are quite small. Past students have raved about Barry School of Real Estate’s informative and entertaining teaching style, noting that the supportive environment was a game changer in successfully joining the real estate industry.  

Barry School of Real Estate Pricing

  • Option A ($249 + PayPal fees): Get three months of unlimited access to the course materials alongside 40 hours of livestream classes.
  • Option B ($299 + PayPal fees): This option will give you everything in Option A, but you’ll get four months of unlimited access and the course’s e-book. 
  • Option C ($399 + PayPal fees): In addition to livestream classes and unlimited materials access for six months, this tier includes a paperback version of the course’s book and 50 state test questions. 

Barry School of Real Estate encourages students to purchase two books through the school’s website for $70 each. The contents cover New Hampshire-specific information to help prepare students for the exam’s state portion.

(New Hampshire prelicensing package prices as of September 2023)

Best Feature

Between past students’ reviews and the school’s student-first mission, Barry School of Real Estate’s best features are the passionate, experienced instructors and their dedication to helping students pass their exams. 

Room to Improve

While the value is definitely up there, we wish that all recommended materials were included in the course cost. Given how great their instructors are, we would also love to see this school build out its own slate of continuing education courses. Students who want to continue on with Barry School of Real Estate throughout their career can access these classes via a partnership with The CE Shop, however.

Bottom Line

If flexible scheduling and access to instructors are top priorities in ensuring you get the most well-rounded real estate schooling experience, Barry School of Real Estate might be the right fit for you.

Visit Barry School of Real Estate

Best Real Estate School in NH for New-to-Real-Estate Student Experience: Freedom Trail Realty School

Freedom Trail Realty School Scorecard


  • Live and on-demand class options
  • Pass or don’t pay guarantee (starting with mid-level tier)
  • Flexible structure
  • Job board and recruiting support


  • No trial period
  • No broker or CE courses

Freedom Trail Realty School offers:

Whether you’re a self-starter when it comes to studying or you want a more guided experience, Freedom Trail Realty School is a great option. Each prelicensing package tier offers access to livestream classes, practice questions, digital flashcards, job boards, alumni support, and more. 

What we love most about Freedom Trail Realty School is that their courses are built out with plenty of thoughtful features—such as test prep classes, alumni group access, and New Hampshire licensed instructors—to give the full real estate school experience to their students. Not to mention, students can receive help outside of class through chat and email support, as needed.

Freedom Trail Realty School Pricing

Across all tiers, students receive course materials (e-book and audiobook) and six months of course access. 

  • Base ($299): This no-frills option includes 45 hours of livestream courses, practice questions, digital flashcards, a study guide and planner, job board and recruiting access, and an alumni group invite. 
  • Peak ($359): We recommend this plan for those new to real estate who want a full slate of features. In addition to the base plan’s offerings (plus an additional five hours of livestream classes), the Peak grants access to archived live class recordings, unlimited practice tests, and a pass or don’t pay guarantee. 
  • Summit ($499): If extra test preparation and re-attending live classes is more your speed, this is the package for you. Summit offers almost twice as many hours (80) of livestreaming compared to Base. 

(New Hampshire prelicensing package prices as of September 2023)

Best Feature

There’s a certain sense of camaraderie in the support features with Freedom Trail Realty School. With a job board and recruiting, test preparation classes, and an alumni group, you won’t feel alone on your real estate schooling journey here.

Room to Improve

While this is a great place for students new to real estate, unfortunately the lack of broker and continuing education course options means more experienced students will have to steer clear. The six-month course access limit might also be a deal-breaker for busy learners.

Bottom Line

Freedom Trail Realty School is a great choice if you’re new to the industry and want to prioritize flexible education, networking, and exam preparation.

Visit Freedom Trail Realty School

Best School in NH for Interactive, Flexible Courses: Ann Flanagan New Hampshire Real Estate School

Ann Flanagan New Hampshire Real Estate School scorecard


  • Flexible scheduling
  • No time limits or expiring access
  • Highly experienced instructor
  • Small-scale, interactive courses over Zoom
  • Free job placement assistance


  • No pricing tiers
  • Course textbook not included in price
  • Lack of exam prep and study tools

Ann Flanagan New Hampshire Real Estate School offers:

  • Prelicensing
  • Broker course
  • Reciprocity
  • Continuing education courses

Ann Flanagan New Hampshire Real Estate School is the ideal learning setting for those who prefer a small class setting with direct access to instructors. In our analysis of online reviews of the school, we found past students appreciate how informative and relevant to real life the course content was, allowing them to go into the exam with confidence.

Classes are held over Zoom, and students not only get to choose the order in which they attend, but they may also re-attend classes as a refresher. The more interactive learning setting can really pay off when it comes time to tackle the real estate exam.

Ann Flanagan New Hampshire Real Estate School Pricing

  • Zoom FLEX Schedule ($300): The set price for the prelicensing course is $300. Students can begin when it suits them, attending the 10 required classes in any order. The course’s recommended textbook is sold separately for $63 in e-book or paperback formats, and additional study resources are available separately as well. 

(New Hampshire prelicensing package prices as of September 2023)

Best Feature

Small-scale learning environment, big time success. And no time limits! This course feels tailor-made for those who need flexibility, but also get a lot of value out of direct access to experienced instructors. Plus, the free job placement assistance with Keller Williams Realty is an added perk.

Room to Improve

The recommended textbook and optional study resources come at an extra cost—and while past students felt prepared for the licensing exam from the course itself, the lack of any specific exam prep or study tools might hinder some learners. Classes are also only available in the evening, which might be tricky for some students. 

Bottom Line

If you’re confident in your study skills, but like to learn in a smaller scale environment, Ann Flanagan New Hampshire Real Estate School is an excellent option.

Visit Ann Flanagan New Hampshire Real Estate School

Best Real Estate School in NH for Selection of Courses: The Real Estate Class

The Real Estate Class scorecard


  • Live classes over Zoom
  • Classes for every step of your career
  • Great reviews from previous students


  • Evening classes only
  • Limited support
  • No pricing tiers

The Real Estate Class offers:

  • Prelicensing
  • Broker courses
  • Reciprocity
  • Exam prep
  • Continuing education

New and seasoned real estate students alike can find something to learn at The Real Estate Class. Live classes are held over Zoom, which allows students to attend and study from their location of choice. Access to an online question bank ensures students feel prepared for both the national and state-specific elements of their exam.

In our review, we found that past students have offered high praise for The Real Estate Class. In particular, many of them mention that they enjoyed the course pace, the knowledgeable instructors, and the real-life examples that made the material feel more approachable and easier to understand.

The Real Estate Class Pricing

  • Real Estate Salesperson Full Access Prelicensing Class ($350): Classes are offered seasonally and are on a set evening schedule. This package includes practice quizzes, video flash cards, and an online question bank.

(New Hampshire prelicensing package prices as of September 2023)

Best Feature

The Real Estate Class’ range of course options is its best feature. They’re a great learning resource for real estate students new and old, studying or refreshing, prelicensing or post-licensing. The benefit here is that if you like the way they teach, you can stick with them throughout your career.

Room to Improve

The static prelicensing course price might turn away students looking to customize their learning experience. Additionally, the lone class time offering makes for less flexible learning, despite easy online access.

Bottom Line

The Real Estate Class is a great option across their range of courses, particularly in that they take pacing and real-life examples into consideration in their coursework. There are few bells and whistles, but sometimes a more straightforward, structured course is the right choice.

Visit The Real Estate Class

Best Real Estate School in NH for Continuing Education: The CE Shop

The CE Shop scorecard


  • Free 5-day trial (Massachusetts prelicensing course)
  • Access to support
  • Extra materials included in all price tiers
  • Interactive, self-paced online courses


  • Prelicensing in NH only available through applying for reciprocity after earning Massachusetts license
  • No NH-specific exam prep course
  • No broker courses

The CE Shop offers:

  • Prelicensing (Massachusetts license only, reciprocity for New Hampshire)
  • Continuing education

If you intend to practice on both sides of the New Hampshire-Massachusetts border, you might consider getting both state licenses simultaneously through reciprocity. For some students, the reciprocity process might sound complicated or intimidating, but The CE Shop is a great learning resource. To learn more about reciprocity entails, check out our state-by-state guide to license reciprocity and portability. 

What we love about The CE Shop are its continuing education courses. The school offers the New Hampshire-required three-hour core course, plus the 12 hours of electives needed for license renewal. Students can opt for the full 15-hour continuing education package, or hand pick their individual courses. The Close isn’t the only fan of The CE Shop—Barry School of Real Estate has also partnered with the school for continuing education purposes.

The CE Shop Pricing

The following pricing is for the 40-hour Massachusetts course that students must complete before applying for reciprocity in New Hampshire. The CE Shop can help students learn more about the process.

  • Courses Only ($269): This course includes the baseline 40-hour MA prelicensing course, plus e-books, career resources, digital flashcards, and a study schedule.
  • Standard Package ($329): Piling onto the previous tier, this package introduces advanced exam prep (for the MA and national tests) and a pass guarantee.
  • Value Package ($379): In addition to the above features, this package also includes business-building courses.

(Massachusetts prelicensing package prices as of September 2023)

Best Feature

The CE Shop’s continuing education packages are optimal for New Hampshire real estate students who are in it for the long haul. You can choose a preselected course package or pick and choose the electives that interest you most.

Room to Improve

The exam prep course at The CE Shop is only national, not New Hampshire-specific. We also would love to see the school offer a prelicensing course designed specifically for New Hampshirites, rather than them having to take the reciprocity route through Massachusetts.

Bottom Line

While The CE Shop isn’t the most straightforward path to getting your real estate license in New Hampshire, their continuing education packages are great when it comes time for your license renewal.

Visit The CE Shop

Helpful Info

To get started as a real estate agent in New Hampshire, you must first complete the required 40-hour salesperson prelicensing course through an accredited real estate school. From there, you’ll study—whether self-guided or as part of your course, depending on the school with which you enroll—and take your real estate license exam. Note that from the start of your course of choice, you have six months to take the exam.

Read on to learn more about the education requirements and types of courses offered by New Hampshire real estate schools.

Methodology: How We Selected the Best Real Estate Schools in NH

We want to make sure The Close readers in New Hampshire make the right choice for their real estate education needs. That’s why our team of licensed real estate professionals, writers, and editors use a weighted rubric to score schools—both national and local—based on the following criteria:

  • Course offerings
  • Cost
  • Accreditation
  • Presentation of content
  • Instructor support and experience
  • Student reviews

Learn more about our methodology here.


Bringing It All Together

We hope this New Hampshire real estate school guide has given you some insight into the schools that feature the most experienced instructors, flexible schedules, interactive coursework, and more. The Close is dedicated to providing both thorough and thoughtful research to guide your real estate career. Have additional thoughts or questions? Let us know in the comment section below! 


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