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The Best Real Estate Transaction Management Software Of 2023


If you want to close more deals with less stress, real estate transaction management software can be a game changer. With so many options on the market, choosing the right platform for your business can be a challenge. When looking for this type of software, you should consider things like whether you already have an e-signature option, how many transactions you do on a regular basis, and whether you need integrations with your email and CRM.

As a Realtor and coach, I used my own experience shopping for this type of product to rank the best real estate transaction management software for 2023. Whether you’re a solo agent, team leader, or broker owner, there’s a tool here to help you keep your transactions in order.

Table of Contents

My Picks for the Best Real Estate Transaction Management Software for 2023:

The picks below are broken into two sections: The first few are better suited to solo agents and small teams, while the last ones are more targeted at brokerages and large teams. Not sure where you fit? Scroll down and take my needs assessment quiz!

Provider Starting Price/Month Best For
Trackxi (Best Overall) $39 Agents or small teams seeking a transaction-focused solution with basic CRM features
Folio by Amitree Free or $29 Solo agents and small teams looking for an email-centric approach
Open To Close Starting at $99 Agents and brokers looking for a user-friendly solution to manage transactions
Paperless Pipeline Variable Brokerages seeking a scalable and organized solution for managing transactions
Dotloop Starting at $32 per user, depending on number of users & transaction volume Teams or brokerages needing streamlined communication, built in e-signature & MLS integrations
SkySlope Starting at $300 High-volume brokerages requiring secure e-signatures, efficient task tracking & MLS integrations
Brokermint Starting at $99 Brokerages looking for comprehensive back-office products including commission management & MLS integrations
Lone Wolf Transactions Starting at $17 Large teams and brokerages aiming to provide a fully digital transaction experience

Want a recommendation based on your particular situation? Check out this quiz I created to offer personalized advice to anyone who’s shopping for a transaction management solution in the real estate space.

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