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Agent Legend is a powerful, automated follow-up system tailored to help real estate pros set and forget client nurturing campaigns. Its key selling point is automating your follow-up interactions with leads via text, voicemail drops, email, and even video messaging. Does it deliver on its promise? I’m convinced. Read on to see my full rating and breakdown.

Agent Legend scorecard


  • User-friendly interface
  • Supports A2P 10DLC compliance
  • Natural language templates
  • Automated voicemail drops and video texts
  • Integration with BombBomb and other platforms
  • Product development via real estate community


  • Automated contacts limited in standard plan
  • Time-consuming onboarding and setup
  • Integrations limited in standard plan
  • No built-in CRM
  • Small team; most support is via email
  • Pricey

My Verdict on Agent Legend

I’ve sampled and demoed a lot of follow-up systems out there and personally found Agent Legend’s features to be helpful and its user interface easy to understand. There’s a lot of value to this product and it can be easily integrated into your current business setup.  

Agent Legend offers an easy way to categorize and follow up with leads, wherever they may come from. But while Agent Legend executes on a solid and simple software for nurturing your leads, it’s not a comprehensive product in terms of your full lead conversion system. 

While artificial intelligence (AI) is trending and expanding rapidly in the real estate tech space, nurturing your leads with a personal touch is still an art form. Agent Legend straddles this line very well. While most people know when they aren’t communicating with a human, this software’s ability to personalize your messages and even add video texts and voicemails really strengthens your follow-up game.

However, its pricing may be too high for solo agents, knowing this is an add-on to your existing business and lead gen costs. If you want to get the full-featured suite, including bulk uploading contacts, you’ll have to opt for the Premium plan at $199 per month.

Check out Agent Legend

Agent Legend Pricing for 2023

Keep in mind that Agent Legend isn’t a standalone product—the software only nurtures leads from your current sources. There is no customer relationship manager (CRM) included, so you should think of the product as an add-on service to your existing setup. To learn more about the best CRMs for Realtors, visit our buyer’s guide. 

Agent Legend is meant to complement your current lead generation strategies and funnel them into one central follow-up program. That being said, the pricing is a bit high considering that full functionality starts at $199 for the Premium Plan. 

However, think of the variety of leads you get from open houses, social media and referrals. I believe many agents fall off the lead generation wagon, so to speak, because follow-up is tedious and time-consuming. Client follow-up is an area where many agents can improve, and Agent Legend provides a great solution. 

You’ll save a lot of time using this software and you don’t have to worry about contacting people manually. This solution takes out the stressful aspect of feeling defeated by not reaching people, or wasting time for weeks with potential leads before they start getting serious. Agent Legend will handle that for you.

text says, "on average, a lead requires 8 to 12 touches before being ready to transact."

Agent Legend Top Features

Automated Follow-up: 4.8 (out of 5)

One of the core strengths of Agent Legend is its ability to automate your follow-up sequence from different lead sources. Think about all the ways you find leads—open houses, cold calling, nurturing your sphere, past client referrals, purchasing buyer or seller leads, and dozens of other creative lead generation strategies. 

Agent Legend takes follow-up further than any CRM or system I’ve seen. It uses natural language in its templates, so your texts and emails sound like they came from a real person, and not generated by a bot. These sequences are set in motion automatically, as soon as you place your leads into a specific template. 

The Premium and Enterprise plans offer integration with most major lead providers, which makes Agent Legend your central hub. Once a lead is captured, the platform can send preconfigured SMS messages, video texts, and voicemail drops at specified intervals. This ensures consistent communication with leads, saving time and effort no matter where they come from. 

Take a peek at the message snapshot below:

Followups dashboard. There is a timeline on the left and different touch points that are programed on day 1, including things like "send a text in 3 minutes," and "Send an email in 10 minutes." Each one of these messages can be easily edited on this page.

Integrations: 4.8 (out of 5)

For seamless lead management, Agent Legend integrates with popular CRM systems like kvCORE, CINC, Zurple, Follow Up Boss, BoomTown, Zillow, Market Leader, and plenty more. A couple of notes here—these integrations are only available on the Premium or Enterprise level plans. Keep in mind that if you opt for the Standard plan, you’ll need to add your leads manually. Bulk uploading is also only available on the Premium and Enterprise plans.

integrations page, showing the prospect source, email filters, the number of followups sent and the ability to add leads into a campaign.

Regulatory Compliance: 5.0 (out of 5)

In compliance with carrier network regulations, Agent Legend supports A2P 10DLC (application-to-person) messaging. This ensures that all automated texts sent through the platform adhere to industry standards and provide a higher level of deliverability and trust. As of Q3 2023, they are completing the process of ensuring each and every agent on their platform has the proper registration and protocols in place.

The respect and adherence to regulatory requirements is a standout with Agent Legend. For example, communications via SMS need to convey some important information, including: who you are, the fact that message and data rates may apply, and how to opt out. You can rest assured that Agent Legend takes care of this each and every time.

Personalization: 5.0 (out of 5)

Establishing trust with leads is crucial, and Agent Legend allows agents to customize their caller IDs. Personalized caller IDs display the agent’s name or company, making interactions with leads feel more authentic and reliable. In the screenshot above, you can see a place to completely personalize every email, text message, and voicemail. You can use merge tags to include a contact’s first and last name to automatically make your touches personalized for each lead.

Content & Templates: 5.0 (out of 5)

Agent Legend has prebuilt sequences and templates for nearly every lead source so you can get started really easily. They’ve also partnered with one of our favorite marketing companies, LabCoat Agents, to provide users with valuable resources and best practices for lead conversion. 

This partnership enhances your communication by providing you with plenty of templates like open house lead engagement, current seller lead updates, and even post-closing referral templates that automatically celebrate your client’s annual closing date. They’ve also provided users with educational content in the Agent Legend platform to level up your lead nurturing skills.

User Interface: 4.5 (out of 5)

Agent Legend has an innovative and easy-to-use system. Its mobile app is free and available on the App Store and the Google Play Store. The system is all about convenience and making the most of your lead nurturing. For example, the voicemail drop system is pretty cool. You just call into a preset phone number where you can upload your voicemail messages or video texts to the system. They can only be 15 seconds long, but it’s still a really easy and simple process that shouldn’t take you much time at all. 

With the Premium and Enterprise plans, you can bulk import your existing contact list to get started immediately. And for agents who use Zillow Premier Agent and need to receive live phone call transfers from Zillow directly, Agent Legend handles this smoothly via the app, ensuring you can make the most of both pieces of software.

snapshot of the app communication with a lead, as well as a look into the email template that is sent automatically to leads when they come in via Zillow.

Agent Legend Alternatives

While Agent Legend is a unique platform, there are a lot of AI chatbots and assistants that do similar functions. However, I will say that after doing my research, there is not a product out there that makes lead nurturing as effortless as Agent Legend. Still, if you want to keep shopping, check out my top four competitor picks with robust automation features and integrations.

Platform Best For
Top Producer CRM with automated communication options that integrate with MLS data, making nurturing easier and more effective (read review).
LionDesk CRM that offers sophisticated automation, video texting and email options along with landing pages. Also offers an AI-driven text responder known as Gabby that follows up with leads (read review).
Chime AI Assistant technology works as a pretraining ISA to help nurture and convert leads (read review).
Ylopo The CRM’s Raiya bot uses AI to qualify leads, suggest property listings, and engage leads until they’re ready to take action (read review).

The Bottom Line: Is Agent Legend Worth the Money?

Agent Legend offers effective lead nurturing tools that are easy to use, no matter where you find your leads. With this software, you get time-saving automation, engaging templates, and compliance guarantees that make me feel wholeheartedly comfortable recommending it. 

Part of the beauty of the product is that it’s not an all-in-one solution. Agent Legend can be a valuable piece of software to add to your existing setup. In my experience, lead nurturing takes a back seat to lead generation with most products. 

But the fact is, lead nurturing is a tool that can easily fall by the wayside. For many agents, follow-up is the problem—not necessarily lead generation. If you struggle to send small reminders on say, a home anniversary for example, you could benefit from this tool. Just set up the follow-up and leave it be for Agent Legend to work its magic. With its user-friendly features and time-saving automation, it empowers real estate agents and sales professionals to manage leads effectively and build meaningful relationships with potential clients.

sample conversation between a client and the Agent Legend software, with a button at the bottom that says, "Automate"

Methodology: Why You Can Trust My Review

To evaluate this software, I went into Agent Legend and explored the features it offers. The opinions in my review are based on my years of experience as a real estate agent and coach.

Keep in mind that, due to the unique nature of Agent Legend, I based the criteria of pricing, features, and user interface on the lead nurturing features of competitors, which are generally full CRMs. 

At The Close, we strive to answer our readers’ questions transparently and bring you the most valuable and actionable real estate content possible. Agent Legend is not a paid partner of ours. I reached out to their co-founders via LinkedIn but they did not respond for comment. You can learn more about our methodology here.

What’s Your Take?

What do you think about lead generation versus lead nurturing in 2023? Do you feel that this product would work for your business, or does automation take away too much of the personal touch with your leads? 

We love to hear from our readers. Sound off in the comment section below.


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