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We all know that handwritten cards are effective because they evoke emotion—they create connections, establish trust, and inspire action. Yet few agents have the time to sit down, craft, write, and mail them. That’s where Addressable’s cutting-edge, proprietary technology comes in. In my review, I found that Addressable’s robots mimic human handwriting, churning out ink-on-paper letters at scale, making handwritten notes both efficient and economical. 

No time to actually compose your thoughtful “handwritten” messages? Addressable’s fully integrated marketing suite offers tech-forward artificial intelligence (AI) that generates elegant, non-buggy, field-tested copy. Does this sound too good to be true? I wondered the same and am here to give you my take on this savvy platform that incorporates artificial intelligence and actual robots. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s officially the future.

The Close Scorecard

Addressable scorecard


  • Easy to use
  • Trackable results
  • Good value
  • AI tools save time


  • No mobile app
  • CRM integration through third-party only

My Verdict on Addressable

Addressable has taken an old-fashioned, time-honored marketing strategy and tossed it far into the future. You can build your audience with clean data, track your success with QR codes, have AI write your messages and create your listing copy, and mail out one handwritten card—or thousands. While we’ve all been talking about robots and the boundless potential of AI, Addressable has been harnessing this state-of-the-art technology in exactly the way real estate agents need and want. And you get all of the tools, features, and technology at an astounding value.

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What Is Addressable?

Addressable is a suite of integrated marketing products powered by proprietary robot technology and industry-leading AI. Agents purchase Addressable Territories (26-acre tiles) that grant them the exclusive ability to market to those prospects with Addressable. 

Just one Territory tile unlocks access to all of the products within the Addressable suite. Its Audience Builder provides clean, scrubbed data on the homeowners in your farm area. SmartCopy and ListingArchitect utilize sophisticated prompts to craft AI-generated copy, both for your cards and listings. And finally, robots “handwrite” cards at scale with ink pen on premium cardstock, so accurately mimicking handwriting that recipients (including myself) are impressed, if not completely fooled. Agents can also track the cards’ open and response rates with phone numbers and individualized QR codes to monitor ROI.

Addressable Pricing for 2023

Each Territory tile (26 acres) ranges in price from $8 to $50 per month. You must sign up for six months at a time, which gives you exclusive rights to market in that territory and the first right to renew. 

The price for robot-written cards is $1.40 each, and includes first-class postage; customizable cards on Italian cardstock with logo, headshot, and QR codes; and messages crafted through its AI-generated SmartCopy feature. New customers can claim a discount and send cards for $1.25 a pop.

To give you a more specific idea of cost: In my area, I saw tiles ranging from $8 to $12 per month. It’s very simple pricing, but I was amazed at how small 26 square acres actually is. (Bonus points to those of you who remember your real estate exam math and are shouting from the back, “1,132,560 square feet!”)

Here is an example of one tile in my area: It’s approximately 131 households and costs a total of $48 for six months. Note the gray shaded tiles on the map have already been claimed, but you can join a waiting list.

screen shot of the area on the site where you can select and purchase territory tiles.

Here is an example of a typical farm area that equals 12 tiles, 540 households, and would cost $768 for six months (or $128 per month).

another view of the territory tile purchasing process where you see how many households are included in your tiles.

Walk-through Video

Key Standout Features

There’s a lot packed into Addressable’s integrated suite of products. Below I have reviews of the individual features that make Addressable an industry leader in leveraging robot and AI technology. 


Virtually everything in the Addressable platform is customizable, from the images on your greeting cards to the handwriting. You can even select the tone you want your messages to convey (playful, casual, neutral, professional, or formal). After all, when you are paying to send thoughtful, “handwritten” cards, you want them to reflect you, your branding, and your local community.

a screenshot of the Addressable platform showing the depth of customization offered in creating stationary.

Use of AI 

While everyone is suddenly abuzz about AI, the founders of Addressable have been thinking about AI for over a decade. When ChatGPT detonated on the world stage, Addressable engineers were already steps ahead, creating clever prompts for agents to make the company’s AI product as simple and idiot-proof as possible. While others are still struggling to get accurate, non-hallucinatory listing descriptions from ChatGPT, Addressable’s products have worked through the trouble spots, anticipated problems, and solved for our specific industry needs. 


SmartCopy crafts the actual messages for you. What good is having robots write letters for you if you don’t know what to say or don’t have the time to compose a meaningful marketing letter? Choose from ready-made templates or use SmartCopy to create an entirely new message. The prompts are thoughtfully designed and field-tested (Addressable “taught” the AI using highly successful marketing campaigns), resulting in copy that is familiar, non-salesy, and actionable.


ListingArchitect is another creative use of AI that crafts property information and for-sale content for you. Even if you don’t want to use Addressable to mail out cards, you might want to pay for a Territory tile just for this feature. It’s streamlined and—I can’t emphasize this enough—not buggy. I tried listing descriptions for numerous properties and the results were always impressive, well-written, and—perhaps most importantly—accurate. That has not been my experience with other AI platforms. 

You input information about your specific property (if you run out, they have suggestions you can use) and select the type of property you’re describing. Add in some photos, and ListingArchitect does the rest. I was very impressed with listing descriptions, which only took a few minutes to create and were then ready for syndication.

?   Pro Tip

You will need to double-check all of the details once the listing is written. While the AI didn’t fabricate anything, I noticed one property listing read “Johns Island” when it should really have been “Kiawah.” It is a small detail (more about local geography than an AI stumble), but one that justifies about a million-dollar price differential.

Property Promotion & Seller Lead Gen via ListingArchitect 

Addressable just released a brand-new feature that I’m excited to review—one that takes your listings to a whole new level. Once ListingArchitect has created the copy and you’ve added your photos, a headshot or logo, and reviewed everything, you click on “publish listing.” Then your gorgeous property appears on one of Addressable’s websites, or Agents get an unlimited number of individual listing pages hosted by Addressable, plus access to the seller lead generating home value estimate tool, Plunk.

Robot Technology

After using the Card Builder to craft my message and creating my custom stationery, I sent myself a robot-written letter through the Addressable platform. If I didn’t know Addressable used robot technology, I would have been completely fooled into believing that someone (a human being, for sure) had taken the time to write and address a thoughtful note. The handwriting is informal (although you can select whatever style of handwriting you’d like) and it’s clearly written with an actual pen. 

My grandmother used to swipe fundraising or marketing letters with a damp cloth to see if the ink ran on the page. If it was printed just to look like a signature or handwriting, it went right in the trash. This card passes her test. 

Full disclosure, I’m not sure how the robots work, but I don’t really need to know. All I know is that the cards look great and would drive me to action if I got one in the mail.

an example of an Addressable card, showing off the expert handwriting and pen on paper experience.

Response Tracking

Addressable has a few built-in tools to make sure that cards are going to the right prospects and track their response rates.

Audience Builder

Getting a strong return on investment (ROI) starts with narrowing down the ideal target audience. The Audience Builder tool uses all of Addressable’s scrubbed, highly accurate homeowner data and sets detailed filters so you’re sending the right message to the right homeowner. Select the home values, year built, and many other criteria to identify the perfect, unique audience.

a screenshot of Addressable's product Audience Builder that lets agent filter down to the ideal audience.

SmartNumbers & SmartQR Codes

What good is it to send out hundreds or thousands of cards in a marketing campaign if you don’t know that it’s working? How do you know if someone is calling because of a letter you mailed and not some other marketing strategy? The solution here is simple and elegant. Addressable labels each card with a personalized SmartQR code, so that when someone scans it to connect to your landing page, you know they got there from your card.

an example of the handwritten letter from Addressable with the SmartQR codes printed on the back.

The same is true for inbound calls and texts. When you sign up for your SmartNumber, you select the area code so you still look like the local that you are. When a prospect calls the individualized SmartNumber printed on your card, it is forwarded to you and logged as a call that resulted from your Addressable card. 

You get a daily record from Addressable of all of the inbound calls and texts to your SmartNumber (or numbers). You can even utilize multiple SmartNumbers to track various campaigns. It makes it easy for leads to get in touch with you and easy for you to know they were responding to your “handwritten” letter. 

The Bottom Line: Is Addressable Worth the Money?

Yes, Addressable is worth the money. We’re finally seeing firsthand how AI can properly and expertly help agents save time and money. Just Addressable’s AI functionality alone means that you will never have to write listing copy again. Ever. Even if you don’t purchase tiles for your entire farm area, even if letter-sending isn’t your cup of tea—it’s absolutely worth purchasing one Territory tile, which grants access to all of the sophisticated AI technology. 

But let’s do a little math. Let’s say my farm area is the example from the pricing section—540 households—and I want to send out a handwritten greeting card twice in six months (for birthdays, anniversaries—whatever the reason). That would cost $1,512 for the cards.

I would expect a really strong response rate for my handwritten cards, maybe even as high as 24%, which isn’t totally beyond the realm of possibility when you consider it should be significantly higher than response rates for preprinted postcards and emails.  In that case, I’d be looking at, conservatively, 130 leads. If I add in the cost of the Territory tiles ($768), it averages out to $18 per lead. Absolutely worth the money, especially because Addressable’s robots are churning out cards with AI messages that are battle-tested and proven successful.

Room for Improvement

In terms of ways Addressable can up its game, I’d like to see:

  • A mobile app
  • Better site navigation
  • Seamless integration with top customer relationship managers (CRMs) 

But that being said, Addressable is a serious time-saving platform that shows just how well AI (and robots!) can serve agents in our industry. 


A note on our methodology: My review of Addressable is based on firsthand use of the Addressable platform. I was able to experiment with the various offerings, test out the AI software in sample Territory tiles, and analyze the quality of the handwritten card sent to my address. 

While there isn’t really another company out there strictly comparable to Addressable, I did evaluate it within the larger real estate marketing landscape. I analyzed the following when assigning our score: pricing, value, customization, integrations, features, and AI technology. 

Bringing It All Together 

Addressable has it all: sophisticated AI automations, custom generated copy, hyper-targeted territories, clean homeowner data, trackable phone numbers and QR codes, and pen-wielding robots. The platform allows you to effectively gather leads through good old-fashioned handwritten letters, but with cutting-edge, affordable, time-saving technology—and I am impressed. Now we just need flying cars.


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