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What to Ask When Selecting an Agent to Sell Your Lake Home


You’ve made the decision, you’re ready to sell. But how do you go about finding a real estate agent that will help sell your lake home? Good news, there are actually some great questions to consider when it comes to this decision. Lake Homes Realty’s CEO, Glenn Phillips, provides a series of questions you should be asking, as well as one you should try to avoid. 

WRONG Questions to Ask: Which agents…

  1. Have the most listings? Having a plethora of listings can sometimes be deceptive. Agents might have multiple listings due to them not being able to move the inventory. This could be because of overpricing or other reasons. That’s not to say having multiple listings is always a bad thing, but a good rule is to try and avoid this question.
  2. Do I personally like the most? Picking out which agent you’ll work with does rely on some foundation and rapport, but that doesn’t mean they should act as close friend. Find an agent who will help you from a business standpoint is what you should be searching for. They’ll be the ones to help you sell after all.
  3. Have an office nearby? Because buyers are strictly looking to buy, finding someone to sell your home is the main goal. A physical office can bring a sense of security. However, at the end of the day, if you’re buying or selling, the office shouldn’t matter.
  4. Do I want to help? Knowing someone personally won’t always help them. Besides, if you’re truly wanting to sell your property, you’re going to be looking for a seasoned agent. The bottom line:  you should want to help yourself. 

CORRECT Questions to Ask:

  1. Are all agents the same? Just like all of us aren’t the same, not all real estate agents are either. Determining the one who is best equipped and qualified for success in helping you sell is what you should be thinking about.
  2. Most capable of helping me achieve my goal? Referring to the first question, the agent that has the capabilities to meet your goal is what you should keep in mind. Whether it’s selling your lake home quickly, maximizing the return, etc. Whatever it might be, this question is important to remember.
  3. Focused on lake real estate? Being focused on the lake real estate market is more than likely going to have a better payout than an agent who isn’t. A lake expert will know the ins and outs of this market and ultimately ways to leverage it.
  4. Have a proven pipeline of out-of-town buyers? A big thing to take into consideration is that many buyers are from all over the state and even across the country. Obtaining the maximum amount buyers increases the likelihood of getting the price you want.

While selecting a real estate agent to sell your lake home can come with challenges, at the end of the day the right one will help you sell your home. Following questions similar to the last set and trying to avoid the first should help you narrow down the search. However, if you still find yourself not sure, reach out to one of our lake experts at They’ll know exactly how to help you!



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