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What Else Should I Ask When Buying a Lake Home?


Purchasing a lake home is not something to take likely. Before you commit to a property, consider these factors from Lake Homes Realty’s CEO, Glenn Phillips.

  1. Bridges?: The location of bridges will impact how convenient it will be to travel around the area. However, the closer you are to one, the closer you’ll be to traffic.
  2. Water Levels?: The water level can vary by lake, season, and time of day. It’s important to know the behavior of your preferred lake, as the changing levels can affect lake activities.
  3. Shoreline Restrictions?: Research the restrictions surrounding the shoreline, as they tend to fluctuate throughout the area.
  4. Land Restriction?: Most lakes are owned by an organization, which means you’ll run into leased-land properties. You’ll have to follow their guidelines when buying these types of homes. 
  5. Water Restrictions?: Living by the lake doesn’t guarantee you have free range on the water within it. Check out the rules around water activities, water addition/removal, etc.

When buying a lake home, the property itself isn’t the only thing to consider. Be sure you can live the lake lifestyle you want before you buy!


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