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How Can a Lake-Focused Real Estate Agent Protect a Seller


When listing your lake home with an agent, working with an agent that specializes in your lake will make all the difference. Lake Homes Realty’s CEO, Glenn Phillips, shares 5 reasons a lake home seller needs a lake expert.

  1. Pricing is Different: The price of a lake home isn’t just determined by traditional factors. You have to consider its position on the lake to know its actual value.
  2. Timing is Different: Many lake home buyers come from across the nation, and selling a lake home too quickly will limit the owner’s potential profit.
  3. Urgency is Different: The lake real estate market moves at a much slower pace because it involves discretionary purchases. Most buyers can afford to wait when searching for their dream lake home.
  4. Exposure is Different: Your home has to be seen to be sold. Working with an agent that has the ability to list your home with means all the right buyers will see your property.
  5. Buyers are Different: A lake home buyer has different buying habits than your typical residential buyer. A lake-focused agent will have expertise working with this demographic.

The needs of a lake home seller and a primary residential real estate are inherently different. To ensure the best outcome, work with a lake real estate expert!


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